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Apple pushes music labels for Beyonce-style exclusives

Apple is putting the full court press on major music labels to do more exclusive deals like Beyonce's recent arrangement. Apple's reportedly pushing for deals in the wake of slowing download sales.

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Analyst: Apps are to blame for music sales drop, not streaming services

Digital music sales have declined for the first time since the iTunes Store went online, according to a recent Billboard report. Analyst Horace Dediu thinks he knows the culprit: apps. Dediu explains his reasoning in a new post on Asymco.

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iPhone OS 4: iTunes streaming music in widget UI, is this how Pandora and Slacker will work?

We've already seen how iPhone OS 4 now includes double-tap to launch the fast-app switcher for multitasking, and how you can now swipe left to get audio control widgets for the iPhone, but it seems those audio controls are working for iTunes streaming now as well - and maybe more?

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Patents Pondered: Personalized Podcasts to Stream Straight to the iPhone?

"Marimba" shatters the early morning silence. Groggy, you fumble for your iPhone and "slide to unlock", ending the alarm. A cloudy, gloomy day greets you as you skip the weather and start on your email. In the background, your iPhone begins to stream the morning news. Not all of it and not all from one source, just your favorites. Just what you'd previously setup in iTunes Podcast Creator.

Sports and local highlights -- minus the crime news that's too harsh for your morning mellow -- flow one from the next, scraped while you slept from CNN, ABC, BBC, CBC, Comedy, and all the independent, niche podcasts you'd favorite'd. The fuzzy-logic of Apple's servers matched your criteria as closely as possible while still filling the 60 min. time slot you'd set up. And once collected, assembled it and pushed it out to your iMac, where iTunes made it available immediately for streaming over WiFi right to your iPhone.

Today, however, you're running late and don't even have time to sync before heading out the door. But since your iPhone can access your iMac's streaming, custom-podcasts over the blazingly fast 4G LTE network, you don't even notice the transition from local to wide area network as your door closes and you hit the street. You just keep on listening as Jon Stewart makes fun of whos-that-president for the umpteenth time. And as you jump on the train, with a couple quick taps, your iMac is updated, your iTunes Podcast Creator is adjusted, Stewart is out of tomorrow's mix, and iPhone lover Stephen Colbert is back in.

The good-looking passenger beside you comments on the awesome sounding custom podcast you're rocking. Smiling, you tap another button and peer-to-peer it right on over, just as the train pulls out and the day starts to look ever so much brighter...

Sound more like a multi-media dream than current reality? Well, some of Apple's newest patents look like they might be trying to make this particular dream come true. Read on for what just might be the future of iTunes and truly mobile media...

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iPhone App Allows You to Stream iTunes Library to iPhone

Before we say anything about the app, Simplify Media, go download it. Like right now. The first 100,000 iPhone users who download Simplify Media will receive it for free. After that, they'll be charged a cool $3.99. Who doesn't like a deal? Okay, good.

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