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Logitech's K480 Bluetooth keyboard connects to three devices simultaneously

Logitech is no stranger to Bluetooth keyboards, but with the newly announced K480 the accessory maker is looking to connect three different devices at the same time, regardless of the computing platform.

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TouchPal keyboard will swipe itself onto iOS 8 this fall

After Apple had announced that it would be opening up iOS 8 to third-party keyboards, TouchPal will be the latest to port its Android keyboard to Apple's mobile platform in a bid to offer consumers a different, and hopefully better, keyboard alternative. TouchPal joins a list of third-parties that have announced that they will be making their keyboards available once iOS 8 launches this fall, including Swiftkey, Swype, Fleksy, and others.

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Minuum keyboard heads to iOS 8

With Apple opening up to third-party keyboards on iOS 8, it looks like Minuum will be porting its keyboard to the iPhone in the future. "We're working on a version of Minuum for iOS now, and we'll let you know when it's ready to try," the company stated.

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Fleksy keyboard coming to iOS 8

Fleksy has announced that it is bringing its keyboard to iOS 8 as a plug-in extension. Right now, the company is offering users the opportunity to register their emails to get in on the beta program.

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Apple debuts QuickType in iOS 8 keyboard at WWDC

Apple's Craig Federighi showed off new intelligent typing features in iOS 8 at the WWDC keynote today. Dubbed QuickType, the new iOS 8 keyboard is context-sensitive and introduces predictive word suggestions.

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Typo iPhone keyboard maker says BlackBerry lawsuit 'lacks merit'

Typo, the Ryan Seacrest-backed business responsible for developing the Typo Keyboard attachment designed to work with the iPhone, has responded to a recently-filed lawsuit by BlackBerry, the beleaguered Canadian smartphone manufacturer.

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BlackBerry files suit against Ryan Seacrest startup Typo over iPhone keyboard accessory

Typo, a company founded by entrepreneur Laurence Hallier and TV host and media personality Ryan Seacrest, announced the Typo Keyboard attachment for iPhone would be available for pre-order this month but they seem to of have run into some trouble with BlackBerry's legal team. BlackBerry has now filed a lawsuit against Typo Products LLC asserting that the company has blatantly copied BlackBerry's keyboard with its iPhone keyboard case.

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Ryan Seacrest wants a keyboard on his iPhone, so he's spending $1 million to build one

So, Ryan Seacrest wants a keyboard on his phone, but he also wants to use an iPhone. Ultimate first world problem? Well for most – including our buddies over at CrackBerry – wanting a hardware keyboard means one thing, and one thing only. Get a BlackBerry. Not Seacrest though, no, no, no. Instead, he's stumping up $1 million to build one.

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New portable MIDI keyboards sport 37 keys, Lightning connector

IK Multimedia on Tuesday introduced two new keyboards for musicians on the go: the iRig Key Pro and iRig Keys with Lightning connector. They're available for $149.99 and $129.99 respectively.

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The state of the mobile keyboard... and what comes next!

This will probably be the most CrackBerry-centric infographic that spins out of Talk Mobile, and fair enough. If there's anything BlackBerry still owns, it's the hardware keyboard, and unlike BBM, that's probably not going cross-platform any time soon, and it's certainly not coming to the iPhone anytime... ever.

By the same token, the iPhone's virtual keyboard, a marvel in its day, is now one of the oldest implementations in the industry, and not only is BlackBerry doing really interesting things with their BB10 virtual keyboard. but so are a lot of third parties on Android, like Swype and Swift Key.

Apple hasn't shown off any major changes to the keyboard for iOS 7, other than transparency. So here's where I make a CrackBerry-centric infographic all about iPhone and iPad:

Check out the inforgraphic below and let me know if it properly describes your usage and your needs, and then tell me - What do you want to see from Apple when it comes to keyboards going forward?

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