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Samsung and patent settlements: Why pay for the cow when you can have the milk for free?

In the wake of HTC settling their patent litigation with Apple, likely by agreeing to pay a per-handset licensing fee to Apple, Samsung has come out and said they won't be doing likewise any time soon. That, according to J.K. Shin of Samsung Mobile.

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Apple fined $368 million for violating VirnetX patents in FaceTime

Apple has been fined $368 million after their video calling feature, FaceTime, was found to infringe on patents owned by a company called VirnetX, a company that provides solutions for secure internet communications. A US court ruled that Apple’s FaceTime product infringes on four patents by VirnetX. One of the patents at issue involved the ability to establish a secure communication link. Apple apparently has no option for appeal in this matter. VirnetX has also brought suit against a number of other larger companies over its patent portfolio.

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New York Times explores patents of mass destruction, once again focuses on Apple and misses the broader story

Patents, the weaponizing of patents in particular, and the weaponizing of patents by Apple in particular is the latest in the the New York Times' curious iEconomy series. This, the 7th installment, is penned by Charles Duhigg and Steve Lohr, and once again, rather than explore the real problems with patent litigation, the Times instead chooses focus on Apple and its lawsuits against Android partners. They once again focus on Apple to the detriment of the real, pervasive problem.

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Samsung sues Apple over iPhone 5

Samsung has filed suit against Apple and the iPhone 5. No, it's not because Samsung is worried they won't be able to copy "aluminium" fast enough, it's because they feel Apple is violating several of their patents, including six utility patents and 2 standards essential patents involving (non-LTE) wireless networking.

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Apple adds Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note to ongoing U.S. patent lawsuit

Apple might have already won $1 billion dollars in one U.S. lawsuit against partner/rival Samsung, but they've still got others pending, and they've now added Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note devices to the list of products they claim infringe Apple patents.

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Tim Cook and Larry Page reportedly talking patent resolution

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and Google CEO, Larry Page, have reportedly talked on the phone concerning the ongoing patent disputes involving the iPhone and iPad maker, and various Android manufacturers.

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Apple, Samsung comment on $1 billion U.S jury verdict

Both Apple and Samsung have issued statements following the massive U.S. jury verdict earlier which saw Apple awarded just under $1.05 BILLION in damages, and Samsung awarded nothing.

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Apple vs Samsung verdict: Jury finds predominantly for Apple, orders Samsung to pay over $1 billion in damages

The jury has reached a verdict in the U.S. Apple vs. Samsung trial and based on numerous reports, it looks like Apple has scored a significant victory. Both The Verge and CNET have been live-blogging the event, and in broad-strokes, it seems like none of Apple's patents were ruled invalid. Samsung was found to be infringing Apple's design and utility patents, and to have diluted Apple's trade dress. Apple was not found to be infringing any of Samsung's patents, and further found that Samsung was abusing standards-essential patents. Not all Samsung devices were found to infringe all Apple patents, but it sounds like a majority of them were.

Apple was ordered to pay Samsung absolutely no damages. Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion.

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Google decides to litigate instead of innovate, sues Apple over Siri and more

Motorola Mobility has filed suit again Apple with the International Trade Commission (ITC) over patents reportedly related to Apple's personal digital assistant feature, Siri and more. Patent suits between Apple and various Android manufacturers are a dime a dozen these days, but what makes this one stand out is that a) Google now owns Motorola, b) Google previously tried to manipulate public sentiment by claiming Apple sought to litigate instead of innovate, c) Google is now litigating.

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Apple, Samsung CEOs once again fail to reach pre-trial agreement on patents

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung's Vice Chairman Choi Gee-sung and mobile chief Shin Jong-Kyun have once again reportedly failed to come to an agreement on their now long-standing patent dispute during a second round of court-mandated settlement talks.

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