Apple adds Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note to ongoing U.S. patent lawsuit

Apple might have already won $1 billion dollars in one U.S. lawsuit against partner/rival Samsung, but they've still got others pending, and they've now added Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note devices to the list of products they claim infringe Apple patents. Reuters' Andrew Longstreth reports:

In February, Apple alleged that at least 17 Samsung products infringe its patents. In a court filing made in San Jose federal court on Friday, Apple added four more products to the list of allegedly infringing products that have been released beginning in August 2011 and continuing through this month.

Here's the amended rundown, via Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central:

The additions are the Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III), the Verizon specific Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy Note 10.1. These devices will join the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, the Galaxy S II, the T-Mobile Galaxy S II, the AT&T Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Nexus, the Illusion, the Captivate Glide, the Exhibit II 4G, the Stratosphere, the Transform Ultra, the Admire, the Conquer 4G, and the Dart on the smartphone side, and the Galaxy Player 4.0, the Galaxy Player 5.0, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablets.

The patents Apple is claiming are being violated are:

In lawsuits, like any form of business dealing, it's not unusual to go in asking for the moon, figuring you're going to have to settle for less. Any company that bothers to sue is going to sue big. Depending on Samsung, all of it could disappear in one software update. Depending on the judge, it might get whittled back down before trial. Depending on the jury, it might get whittled down further in the verdict.

That's if Apple and Samsung don't settle first. But in the global game of Apple vs. Samsung patent chess, we're still position pawns and trading pieces. And Google is still sitting safely beside its castle.

Source: Reuters via Android Central

Rene Ritchie

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  • Wow. This should be interesting. The note and GSIII differentiate themselves VASTLY from the original GS and even mor from the iPhone. But we shall see what the jury decides.
  • I agree. i became an apple user back in 08' and have up until recently not looked back. I love my mac computer and ipad but have recently switched from using an iphone to the GS3. I originally was an Android user and once verizon got he iphone i was hooked..I had the 4 and the 4S (mainly for the improved camera) but i have to tell you once the GS3 hit the shelves i was pretty impressed. I thought I'd never go back to android but after seeing the "improvements" in ios6 and the improvements Android made with ICS combined with the hardware Samsung has put together in this new phone, I had to switch back.
    For my everyday use the Samsung just fits better in my life and not to mention the camera is just as good as the 4s and has much better camera features. Burst shot mode is amazing especially when you have a 3 year old who likes to run everywhere. You cant beat it.
    Don't get me wrong. I still think ios is amazing but after using an android device again i reallly think apple is gonna have to reconsider their ideals in terms of thinking for the customer and not allowing any kind of customization on their devices. Most people that use these devices are pretty tech savvy. For the ones that arent well they just wont do what the rest of us will (ie. jail break, root). Let the consumer decide. But from what ive seen of ios6. hmm.. just a bit of the same ol same ol.
  • Most people that use these devices are pretty tech savvy. Really? You do realize iOS is basically an app tray (launcher) that doesn't do true multi-tasking? The iPhone has helped propel Apple to the most valuable company in the world. There are more people in the world who are not tech savvy than there are tech savvy. That's a reason why iPhone is such a big seller. iPhone is designed so that anyone who picks it up can figure out how to use it. That's the strength of iPhone. It's simple. It's works. Not everyone wants or needs a phone that can be customized three ways from Wednesday. Incidentally the retina screen on the iPhone is much better than the S3 in terms of brightness and sharpness (clarity).
  • Oh really go to Engadget and read the comments -_-
  • That sucks. I was actually considering trying out the S3.
  • I saw the S3 over the weekend, it's a really nice phone. I like the ability to do multi-tasking, like watching a movie in the background while surfing the net. Very cool.
  • Oh I dearly hope that lawsuit over SIRI gets rolling soon. And did I mention I want Samsung to use those non essential LTE patents if Apple has it in the new iPhone. Frankly I'm tired of this lawsuit mess & haven't cared what Apple did in a courtroom. But now it's getting ridiculous. Even hardcore Apple fanatics have to be running out of patience for this.
  • Well crying about it isn't going to make it go away. How about you not read any of the related articles or this site all together. Its pretty obvious that the majority of Rene's posts are going to be about lawsuits. He can't help himself, especially since Apple has won "round 1". I've been over to androidcentral and they usually only post 1 or 2 articles, not the 100's that are posted here. Perhaps you'd be happier over there.
  • Who's crying? Yeah I'm being somewhat facetious in this post. But read the reply below won't you. I actually admire apple believe it or not. They're story of being on deaths door & now sitting on top of the world is quite remarkable. What I want from Apple is for them to start acting like the worlds richest & most profitable tech company & show some leadership. Bring that cheap, soulless outsourced manufacturing back to the US & Canada. They can afford the cost don't you think? It wouldn't really cause too big of a dip in profits. And I'm quite certain Apple's devoted customers won't mind if it does. Other tech companies would have no choice but to follow suit. And that would benefit everybody. I want Apple to be more charitable like other tech firms are with good works. Yes they have made a start under Tim Cook & I'm encouraged by that. But they have a long way to go to catch up to other tech firms in their charitable work. Steve Jobs was a greedy CEO & it poisoned the good will that could have so readily & easily been Apple's alone. I'd like to see Apple not gouge education like they do. And trust me they do. An example is the MacBook Airs 2 of my kids use in school now. The county I live in is part of a federal pilot program to put computers in the hands of more children. Every child in grades 6-12 here carry a MacBook with them to & from school now. You'd think Apple gave a significant discount based on volume right? You'd be wrong. $50 per MacBook. That was it. Others like Dell & HP offered better discounts in the $100s of dollars off. Many parents, myself included, wanted the board to negotiate a better rate. But the school board voted for MacBook Airs & spent every dime just on those. Ironically, internet service is hard to come by here in this rural area & a cable company was willing to lay new high capacity fiber all over the community. But since all the money was spent on the computers we were out of luck. Those MacBook Airs are worthless once the kids leave school. Ironic isn't it? Do you see a pattern here? I want the best from this company. Lawsuits over petty nonsense that in no way effect Apple's sales & profits smack of arrogance & greed. Like I said the aren't hurting for money so why the constant push to stifle competition? And don't give me the its the law routine. The vast, overwhelming majority of Apple's IP was created by smaller more agile tech firms they bought up. They didn't create all of this stuff they lay claim to. It makes Apple no better than Nathan Myrvold & Lodsys. It's trolling & bullying others. I'd like to think Apple is better than this. Finally, I come to this website because I enjoy interacting with the readers & the staff here. Rene is very active with the visitors of this site as are Georgia, Ally & the others. And they only invite debate & dialogue which is refreshing. I visit Android Central on occasion but frankly they aren't as friendly & personable as Rene & the staff here. So I'm here by choice. Yes I can ramble & rant with the best of them but I like to think that maybe a sound argument stated without personal attacks & insults makes for a better read & a better community & I appreciate that it's offered here. That is a rarity in the online tech blogs now. That's why I choose to frequent this site.
  • No not really. You know nothing about hardcore Apple fans if you think they'd be running out of patience. You obviously have not followed the trial. If you look at the comments from one of the jurors who spoke out, you would know that this was a slam dunk. The minute the jury sat down to deliberate they all unanimously agreed that Samsung was guilty and infringed on Apple's designs and patents. The internal emails from Samsung executives was the smoking gun. It showed that not only did Samsung knowingly copy the iPhone, but knew it was wrong and did it anyway. The only reason it took 3 days to deliberate was because they were trying to figure out how much money to award Apple. There was real and obvious copying going on here. Apple had a legit case. They didn't get awarded over a $1 billion for nothing.
  • News flash: I've read what some of those jurors said, including the foreman who is making a complete fool of himself. I'll give you a very simple reason why this jury will probably be overturned. When the foreman he showed others how the software wouldn't work on the different hardware, that alone is reason for a circuit court to throw this out. Incompatible hardware & the jury specifically cited that. Not to mention not following jury instructions from the judge & not even considering the Samsung patents. No way in hell did this jury go over everything in the deliberations. Oh & just so you are aware, federal statutes allow for jury verdicts to be tossed when during review it can be shown jury instructions, you know like where the jurors were told specifically not to attempt to assign punishment (and they are on the record as saying they did that), can lead to an immediate summary dismissal. As for your assertions that hardcore Apple fans love this. Keep that attitude front & center when the non proprietary patents Motorola has force Apple to dump Siri. You then can be kicking & screaming here about how unfair it is that Apple was forced to remove technology they bought, not developed internally, from the iPhone.
  • Apple just won't give it a rest eh?? Sounds like Samsung is so intimidating that Apple would do anything and I mean ANYTHING to kill them. What a dirty player Apple is. They deserve no respect..atleast from me...
  • Apple had a legit case. This wasn't a case of making a lawsuit for nothing. They had actual emails from Samsung executives talking about copying Apple's iPhone because it was successful. The jury not only found Samsung infringed, they did so WILLFULLY. There's a different standard between infringing and willfully infringing. When you do something 'willfully' that means you knew what you were doing was wrong but did it anyways. Samsung is just another asian electronics company that got caught with their hand in the cookie jar copying a competitor.
  • Typing this on a Note 10.1. I have my new iPad sitting next to me and I don't think they are anything alike. It would be nice though if Apple forced Samsung to dump TouchWiz.
  • Touchwiz is the only thing that would keep me away from a Samsung phone.
  • actually the revamped touch wiz on the Galaxy S3 is pretty smooth unlike the other samsung android phones. I know its all due to the hardware but the interface itself isn't as bad as i thought it would be. just takes some getting used to.
  • This is actually comedy lol. I love seeing all the Android guys come here to take jabs.
  • You really think it breaks down to users of an OS siding with a company just because they use that OS? Don't be so simple. Fans of tech, ios and android users alike, are sick of this regardless of what products they prefer.
  • I've been around this site longer than you I suspect. And I've not made any issues over Apple's legal shenanigans. I personally don't use Apple tech. But my wife has a 4S that she chose to buy. 2 of my kids got iPod Touches. Most of our music collection is in iTunes. But according to you, someone like me is just an "Android guy here to take jabs." Dismiss it to a simple blanket statement if you wish. Or maybe see it for what it is. The richest, & most profitable company in the world is now starting to look worse than any accusation that was ever leveled at Microsoft amongst the enthusiast crowd. I've used many an Apple computer over the yrs as a graphic designer. I switched to Windows & Linux 4 yrs ago once it became clear Apple was more focused on iOS than fixing horrific bugs that plagued OS X with graphic software. I made a choice to use something else. I've always left open the possibility of returning, although I have many issues with Apple under the reign of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook made me think Apple would quite possibly be less conceited & arrogant. I see now that is built into Apple with continued ridiculous lawsuits like this. But you dismiss it as the rant of a 'fanboy' right? So go ahead & inform us all, with your obvious depth of knowledge & experience, just how the Galaxy S III & Galaxy Tab 10.1 violate Apple's patents & trade dress. Don't bother with Siri either. Apple didn't create or design it. They bought it much like the overwhelming majority of the software they claim to have developed since Steve Jobs returned in 1997. And Moto/Google may ultimately determine the future of Siri, much to the chagrin of Rene, by suing using some proprietary patents of their own Apple hasn't paid for. Odd how Apple sues over patents yet openly avoids paying them isn't it? It's a pot calling the kettle black situation isn't it? So try not to be so dismissive of gripes that you read here. Have a look at the nuances of that complaint you think is sour grapes. Then think about Microsoft's long legal battles in the 90s over what amounted to nothing. Now take a look at Apple. Then get ready for when it's their turn to face the regulators & politicians. That day is coming. And they will need every penny of that war chest to maintain were they are then. Much like Microsoft lost its edge, Apple will then see the shoe on their foot. Or you can just dismiss this as the rant of a supposed Android fan.
  • I agree with you all way till you got to Siri. So your saying software or anything else Apple purchases and tweaks and makes their own they can't call it their own design or creation? Siri was on the iPhone for years before Apple bought it and didn't perform at all like it does today. Apple has taking it far and beyond what it did just like everything else they do. So why can't they call them their designs and creations? The iPhone itself is a perfect example if you know what I mean.
  • Apple can call Siri their creation just as much as Samsung can call S Voice theirs. The same tech had been on Android since Cupcake. So how is it even remotely right for Apple to claim ownership now? I can make a distinction like that by buying or downloading Linux Fedora for example. Then say I dress it up & make a few changes. Add a little polish then voila I try to monetize & sell it as my own creation. Only problem is I didn't create it. I took the work of others, bought or whatever, made a few changes & all hail me cause I'm a genius. It doesn't work that way. I've got no problem with Apple protecting their legitimate property. But it's similar to the universal search nonsense. It was on phones for yrs & I even had it on Windows 95 at a former job. Yet suddenly Apple says we have a patent on that & you're stealing our hard work? What hard work? Others did universal search first. That's my point.
  • actually if the siri was in the app store a long time before apple purchased it, then no it was not their creation nor can they call it such. It was created by a different company who sold their patent and rights to the software to apple. What ever tweaks they may or may not have made to it ( you really should read more about how many people complain about siri not working right half the time, myself included in those complaints), the actual software for it was created in whole by someone else. So no, not an apple creation or innovation. Oh and wasn't the notification bar a Cydia app made by another developer who was robbed blind by apple when they decided to copy it verbatim? yeah it was.. i like apple products as much as the next guy and yes they did change the face of technology on a large scale. But even the iphone was just an improvement on technology that already existed (palm, blackberry and yes. windows phones).
  • This situation is mostly Samsung's fault. They had several opportunities to avoid it during development, but instead of reacting strategically they behaved like a bull in a china shop. It’s just my opinion - but I think a good design team has been let down by an arrogant and sometimes wilfully stupid management team. In design terms, some Samsung products leave Apple’s best work in the dust. However, Apple designs for the majority, maximising profits. If Samsung aim for a significant minority, in devices like the Note, that advantage is greatly reduced. I hate what Apple has done and oppose their objectives, which won’t hurt them at all. But Apple does not win worldwide. For the recent Californian case they put together a solid legal strategy and won, but it could have gone the other way - and they know it. This jury, presented with this specific case, favoured Apple. Have you watched any interviews with the jury foreman on Bloomberg? They are VERY interesting! Now Samsung will have to fight these bans and (if they have any sanity) reform their design policy. Software on existing phones can be updated OTA to remove infringements, which might help. Some informed users will refuse that update. The main appeal depends on Samsung taking the matter seriously and presenting a more compelling case this time. I think the best they can hope for is reduced damages. The patent system (especially in the USA) defends Apple's position, but it is a tool any company could use if they just thought about it and planned for it. Apple spent 30 years building IP defences; while Google Android is young, so their IP is weaker. The sleeper has awakened, expect changes. One could blame Apple for misusing the patent system. But the logical response is a campaign by Android’s American supporters to change that system politically, that could take years.
  • Apple wasn't mis-using the patent system. They had actual emails from Samsung executives that showed that knew they were copying Apple, they knew it was wrong and did it anyways. The jury found Samsung 'willfully' infringed on Apple's patents, not just infringed. This trial was a slam dunk. The second the jury sat down to deliberate it was a unanimous decision. It wasn't a matter of, "Is Samsung guilty or not?" It was a matter of, "Ok, we know Samsung is guilty, how much money do we award Apple?" It took 3 days to figure out how much damages to award Apple, it wasn't 3 days of, is Samsung guilty or not?
  • you clearly have no idea, what you are talking about. You should actually read about the case in great detail before you comment, the jury had 700 questions to answer, 700! so no they didnt have to take 3 days to decide how much because it should have taken longer than 3 days to answer the 700 questions!
  • Just shut up please. Every comment from you is about those executive emails. Fine Samsung may have 'supposedly' copied the iPhone. To be honest the only Samsung smartphone that blatantly copied the iPhone is the Galaxy S. the rest is just bullocks. They are just trying to stop samsung because they are very close to meeting the iPhone's unrivalled success. If you are going to support apple then fine but please just use different evidence that we have not heard a million times. Apple is hyprocrisy at its finest. They have a lot of nerve to say that Samsung copied. The iPhone is 60% Samsung sourced. Apple did not innovated. They took someone else idea, created or bought the patent and claim it as their own. Don't get me wrong that a somewhat good idea, but there has got to be a limit. They do not know where that limit is. As someone else said in the post, there WILL be a day that Apple is going to face the courts for multiple patent infringement on a greater scale. Maybe not in the near future but someday. Here is a video to prove apple hyprocrisy. P.S: I am not a android fan boy but I used to be an apple fan boy. As a matter of fact I own a iPad 2, an iPhone 4 and 4s and a MacBook pro. I am writing this on my iPad as we speak. Also I think apple devices are great but I'm just so pissed off that they can bully fellow competitors because of stupid patents. (phone with rectangular rounded corners) every phone manufacturers has at least one phone with rectangulars rounded corners. Sue them all then! Yea and I'm buying a galaxy s3 :)
  • lolz and I bet that Rene Ritchie and others will still claim that Apple is only defending their IP and this has nothing to do with trying to stop their competition.
  • This to me is just starting to get ridiculous, I personally have a iPhone 4s and a Evo 3D as back up most of my family has the iPhone but when i see this Apple is not defending anymore it more like they are attacking trying to block anything non-apple, They need to focus more on distancing themselves from the competition cause as long as these cases keep going on the iPhone seems to be suffering more and more, if the leaks turn out to be true be Apple will have release 3 different iphones (4, 4s, 5) that look the same other then the bigger screen on the 5 feature wise they are so far behind compared to other OS. Windows Phone 7 is gaining momentum because of this battle between Apple and Android.
  • What is it about owning an Android device that bothers people who own Apple? What is it about being different that bothers them. Say what you want, this is a clear attempt by Apple to stop it`s competition before they get to far ahead of them. I own devices that use both OS ( IPad 3, Asus Infinity, Droid Razor Maxx) and will not get into a debate into which one is better because in the end, is a matter of personal choice. I personally prefer both OS as they both have their good things and their drawbacks. So when I read an article like this one it doesn't make me happy. I like the idea of competition. Apple forced the phone industry to step up their game with their revolutionary IPhone. Google took on that challenge with Android ( to Steve jobs dislike) and although very clunky and bad at first , it has now stepped up its game to the point where some might argue that they are leading the way. This is Apple trying to stop that, nothing else. There is very little similarities between an iPhone 4S, a Galaxy SIII and Samsung Note, so much so, that my 3 year old nephew can tell them apart. If you chose to see it any other way, then you are just being silly. Apple please stop this nonsense and get back to what you are known for, innovating. Google is starting to pull ahead and in the end, it's not about Samsung but about Google's OS. I will continue to enjoy both OS and will hope that this 2 giants can come to terms. Vicnice out!
  • Nope, you're dead wrong. Samsung willfully infringed on Apple's patents and they had the smoking gun in the executives emails.
  • I'm surprised there isn't an article up yet about the rumored "Samsung paying Apple $1.049 billion in 5 cent coins." If that really happened, Samsung would be the sheistiest company on Earth.
  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am losing SO much respect for Apple. How can u get a patent for SLIDE TO UNLOCK? Or UNIVERSAL SEARCH!? Those are two widely used features on ALL phones not just the iPhone and GS3! How many times can they make a phone different? This is getting out of hand it's so stupid. I read an article on Android central recently about one of the editors' view on this patent BS and I recommend ppl read it. Apple is bullying right now. And YES Samsung copied some things and they are being held accountable but leave the Note and GS3 out of that apple! that's just ridiculous!
  • You have a link to that article Macleod644?
  • Holy hell, this is just getting f'n ridiculous at this point. You Apple lovers should be straight-up embarrassed by this particular move. The SGS3 and GNote? REALLY?! /typed on my insanely beautiful Galaxy Note. GFY Apple.
  • I am writing this from South Korea. From my point of view on Apple having suing Samsung for patent infringement, With Apple's bounce back function, I agree that Samsung copied it, but rounded corner, slim bezel, home button, regtangle screen in the middle, are they really patentable? Are they innovative? Are they really worth over 1 billion dollars? If you believe so, are you insane? Besides, unlock to slide, general search fuction , are those innovative and remarkable technologies? Ridiculous! Apple sucks.
  • Apple u suck like u don't make enough money selling iPhones,iPad and computers u have to sue other companies ????
  • Blah blah blah.. When Apple decides to leave the courtroom and get back in the idea room I will come back. When they're done playing catch up I will come back. When they create somehting that hasn't already been done by another company or devs I will come back. Until then I will be enjoying my Samsung Galaxy s3 which already has most if not all of the features you people are hoping to get in iOS 6.. Good luck..