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Google Voice adds Verizon Wireless MMS support and native MMS for pictures

A month after Google announced it had added MMS support inside Google Voice for nearly all major wireless carriers in the US and Canada, it revealed today that the lone holdout, Verizon Wireless, has at last added MMS support to the app as well. In fact the support started last week.

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iOS 4 features: SMS/MMS failure exclamation badge

iOS 4 will now put an exclamation badge on the Messages app as a way to inform you when an SMS text or MMS multimedia message fails to send.

Previously, the exclamation badge was only present inside the Messages app itself, beside the message that failed to send. Unless you were there and checking, you might not see it, especially not right away.

Now, if and when there's been a failure to send, as long as you pass by the Messages icon on your home screen, there's a good chance you'll see it.

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iPad SDK Settings: Tethering, Voice Mail, MMS, Wikipedia Search

9to5Mac is yet again delving deep into the iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad and this time they've turned up settings for internet tethering, voice mail, and MMS settings, as well as a search option for Wikipedia.

Again, whether or not this is legacy code from the iPad's iPhone heritage, or potential future features we have no way of knowing. Being able to tether to the iPad would be good (at least for international users, since AT&T doesn't even support iPhone tethering yet...) Being able to tether from the iPhone to the iPad would be even better, but we're not holding our breath... Likewise voice mail and MMS are interesting to see on a data-only device.

Wikipedia, however, is a natural extension of the built-in, currently Google-centric search and on the popover-enabled iPad Safari would be especially handy. Can we have that for iPhone as well?

Still no sign of Bing, however, though the current Yahoo! option will soon be powered by Microsoft's search engine anyway...

Video after the break!

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AT&T's iPhone MMS Displaying Incorrect Sender Number

Ross Miller of Engadget is giving more credibility to some of the reports of iPhone MMS on AT&T's network being a little wonky. It seems as if some users sending MMS messages are having their pictures delivered, but with the message on the recipients end displaying an incorrect phone number for the sender.

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Mystery Solved: AT&T Carrier File Update 5.6 for iPhone Did What Exactly?

Along with iPhone 3.1.2, AT&T users received a 5.6 carrier file update, but the reason(s) for it weren't clear. MMS was already enabled, and tethering was nowhere in site, so what was it for? Well, iPhone Savior sat on the phone with Apple support long enough to find out! Turns out, it fixed an MMS bug:

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AT&T iPhone MMS One Week Later -- Using It?

How often have you used AT&T MMS on the iPhone?(opinion)

So, AT&T iPhone users, you've had MMS for a week now. The initial blush has hopefully faded, and it's either become something you use a lot, a little, or not at all.

So, which is it? Let us know in the poll, and if then drop a comment below and tell us how it compares to other MMS implementations you've used.

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #69 -- Two Billion Served!

Join Chad and Rene for 2 billion apps, Tweetie 2 and TomTom pricing, the latest on the iTablet and Light Peak, AT&T MMS redux, Orange and Vodafone UK, plus your questions! Listen in!

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From the Forums: AT&T MMS, Perfect iPhone, Why the iPhone, Tips & Tricks

It’s time for some good old forum action. From the Forums is a great way to see what all of the current hot topics are on the TiPb forums. In order to create any new threads of your own or reply to any of the existing threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is a simple process that will only take a few minutes out of your day, so if you have not already already done so, head on over and register now.

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Poll: So How's AT&T iPhone MMS Treating You?

How's AT&T MMS Working For You?(polls)

AT&T finally launched MMS for the iPhone last Friday, and you've had the whole weekend to use, abuse, or ignore it. So, how's it treating you? Huge fan, hype fried, frustrated by network issues, or just couldn't care less? Let us know!

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AT&T MMS Network Outage Already?

<img src="/sites/" alt="antenna_pointingtoward_pokhara" title="antenna_pointingtoward_pokhara" width="300" height="318" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-9565" /

Boy Genius is reporting that AT&T MMS seems to be down for some users in some states, and what's more:

a quick call to AT&T’s customer care line revealed that there is a known latency issue with MMS in all states with no estimated time of repair.

So how about it? Are you experiencing any delays in sending or receiving MMS? Any outages? Either way, let us know where you are, and how long you've been having the problem.

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