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Daily Tip: How to create a location based Reminder in iOS 5

Now that you have iOS 5 you also have the brand new Reminders app that comes built-in. You've got a few choices when it comes to how to set up a reminder. If you'd like to set a reminder that will alert you of an event at a certain location, the Reminders app couldn't make it any easier.

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Daily Tip: how to enable push notifications in Tweetbot for iPhone

Using Tweetbot and wondering how to enable the recently added experimental push notifications? Tapbots just recently opened up tons more slots in the beta program so if you haven't enabled it, there's still a good chance you can snag a slot.

The most common question I've been getting is how to enable push notifications. Although Tweetbot is a gorgeous Twitter client, the push settings are in a bit of a weird place. Follow along for a quick guide on how to try and activate push in Tweetbot.

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Daily Tip: How to turn off notification emails in Google+

Annoyed by Google+'s constant stream of email notifications and wondering where and how to turn them off? It's amazing how the next generation of social network feels the need to pollute our inboxes with massive amounts of old school email, but not to worry -- it's easy to shut off. We'll show you how after the break.

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iOS 5 beta 2 gallery

For some strange reason, our tip box is now overflowing with 960x640 screenshots (what, no iPad love?) showing a few changes from today's iOS 5 beta 2 release. Among the more interesting ones:

  • Welcome screen now has an info button to give you your UDID number, should you have failed to record it previously (Thanks Apple!)
  • The iCloud icon in settings is no longer purple. Long live brush metal cone fill!
  • Lock screen notifications get a new, single pop up. You can pull down the full list if you like, and if you get multiple notifications, they start to stack again like they did previously.
  • Wi-Fi sync in now working, but you need to be connected to a power source.
  • iCloud has bumped Exchange from the top spot in mail account setup, while MobileMe has been condemned to the bottom.

We'll update as we receive more. Screenshots after the break!

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Custom Notification Center widgets coming to iOS 5?

iOS developer @WillFour20 recently discovered that creating widgets for the new Notification Center in iOS 5 is possible, hinting at custom widgets from the jailbreak community down the road.

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iOS 5 revamps iOS notifications

It looks as if the Apple Gods have answered some of our notification gripes. iOS 5 will bring with it revamped notifications. It looks as if there's a reason Apple hired Peter Hajas as it looks a heck of a lot like MobileNotifier. I've had revamped notifications in my jailbreak to stock want list for a long while.

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iOS 5 to have BBM style message integration, better notifications, widgets, and more?

It's that time of year again and WWDC 2011 is upon us. We have our iOS want list up and if This Is My Next actually does have a credible source, we may be able to check off quite a few things.

Here's a list of changes from their source:

  • Messaging - The word is that Apple is readying its own MMS / SMS protocol which will be a native part of the phone. We’re not entirely clear on how this would work, but apparently it will be able to automatically identify iOS users and route the message accordingly.

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Apple hires MobileNotifier developer Peter Hajas

It looks like Apple has recently hired Peter Hajas, lead developer behind the popular iOS jailbreak tweak MobileNotifier, as an "iOS Apps & Frameworks" employee.

Hajas announced his departure from development on MobileNotifier in a blog post ending with a reference to Steve Jobs' closing remarks at his 2005 Stanford commencement speech saying "stay hungry and stay foolish". This tipped off iPhone Download Blog who speculated he may be heading to Apple, and sure enough he's been confirmed as an intern at their Cupertino headquarters.

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Daily Tip: How to manage your app notifications

<img src="/sites/" alt="Daily Tip: How to manage your app notifications" title="Daily Tip: How to manage your app notifications width="266" height="400" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-53450" />

Not getting alerted to a new Facebook message or Twitter DM on your iPhone or iPad and wish you were, or getting too many alerts and wishing you knew how to turn them off? Worry not, Apple has built in a system to manage your App Store app notifications and we'll show you how to turn them on or off, and choose just which kinds of alerts -- sound, popup or badge -- you want for each one... after the break!

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Daily Tip: How to ditch the Facebook for iPhone app (and still get notifications)

Not a fan of the official Facebook for iPhone app, desperate for an alternative, but still need to get notifications? Join the club. I've never been a fan. Their cryptic "bug fix" updates never seem to improve anything and notifications are always so finicky. More often than not, I open my Facebook app to find several notifications that were never pushed to my iPhone. On top of that, the timeline can be choppy or jump randomly. And the whole "liking comments" just seems to decide on its own whether or not it's going to work that specific day.

If you feel the same way, hit the jump for some workarounds and alternative solutions to using the Facebook for iPhone application.

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