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David Gelphman talks PDF, CUPS, Core Graphics, and AirPrint at Apple

David Gelphman, former graphics and imaging engineer at Apple, talks to Guy and Rene about writing the book on Core Graphics, developing AirPrint, and discovers Montreal has bagels (Part 2 of 2).

Here's the audio, again, in case you missed it. And now, for the first time, here's the full transcript!


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Automatically sync your annotated PDFs to Dropbox with Remarks for iPad [Giveaway]

One of my favorite PDF annotating apps just got even better with the addition of automatic Dropbox syncing. With the new update, a new, blue folder called Remarks and labeled with Dropbox will appear in your notes once you link your Dropbox account with Remarks. Any notes you create in this folder will automagically sync up with Dropbox -- you no longer have to manually send a note to Dropbox. It works like a charm.

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Sneak preview of Remarks note-taking and PDF annotating app for iPad

Remarks is a brand new handwriting note-taking, and PDF annotating app for iPad from Readdle. I'm convinced the team at Readdle never sleeps because they release new apps, and update their catalog of existing apps, at pretty fast pace. They've focused on PDF lately, seeing a need for good editing, form filling, and annotating on iPad, and Remarks extends that expertise in a really interesting way.

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iPad passport scan enough to get photopgrapher into the U.S. from Canada

Noted Montreal iPhone photographer and videographer, Martin Reisch, better knows as *safe solvent™ on the internet, used a scan of his passport displayed on an iPad as identification while passing through the U.S. border from Canada. The man was visiting friends in Vermont when he realized that he had forgotten his passport. Luckily he had a scan of it saved on his iPad so decided to use it at the border.

Martin Reisch is certain that if Steve Jobs was alive, the tech innovator would have something to say about him.

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Create PDFs with iPdfWriter for iPhone

iPdfWriter is a new iPhone app that lets you design and create PDFs. The documents can be multiple pages long, include many fonts, colors, shapes, tables, images, and barcodes.

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GoodReader for iPad gets updated with iOS 5 compatibility and iCloud support

GoodReader for iPad has just received a significant update and now includes support for iOS 5 as well as iCloud. In case you don’t know, GoodReader is a fantastic application that can open and view many different file types such as PDF, TXT files, MS Office doc, ppt, xls, iWork ’08/’09, HTML and Safari webarchives. It even handles audio and video files too, and can un-Zip files. The latest update also include a few other improvements.

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App for That: How to print emails, webpages, and photos as PDFs

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for just about everything -- so how come the one you need, the one you know just has to be there, is so hard to find? Enter TiPb's new weekly feature where staff and readers alike sort through the App Store and help you find just the right App for That. This week, Patrick asks:

I'm looking for an app that will convert anything (website, email, email attachment, picture from camera roll, etc.) on the iPhone/iPad to a .PDF file from the built-in Print > Select Printer dialogue.

To see what we found for Patrick, follow along after the break!

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PDF Patcher 2 updated to close PDF vulnerability [jailbreak]

Apple left  iOS 4.3.3 vulnerable to a PDF exploit, which allows JailbreakMe.com to jailbreak your iPhone. This takes place over the air via the Safari mobile browser. The good news is that you can close this hole very easily, once you have jailbroken your device. Just Jailbreak and then search Cydia for PDF Patcher 2 v1.0, this little tweak will make you secure from any potentially malicious hacks using the same hole as JailbreakMe.

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GoodReader for iPad gets a huge update

GoodReader for iPad has just received a major update with some fantastic new features. PDF annotations is the biggest addition including notes, highlights, markups and drawings.

If you don't already use this App for PDF viewing and management then you definitely should try it out. GoodReader is my most used iPad app, you can find out more about it in our quick review.

Full update details and more screenshots after the break.

[$0.99 on sale - iTunes link]

This is an official entry by chrisoldroyd in TiPb’s next top blogger contest. Think you have what it takes to join Team TiPb? Bring it!

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iBooks on iPhone 3GS - app review

Finally, iBooks for iPhone arrives! I have been enjoying iBooks on my iPad for some time now. With iBooks for iPhone many more people can enjoy portable reading with their phones. How does iBooks measure up? Keep reading to find out!

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