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Push Notifications

Facebook 3.1 with Push Notifications for iPhone Now Available

Facebook for iPhone just received an update that contains one of the most sought after missing features, push notifications. It has been a long time coming as most of us hoped for this feature when Facebook 3.0 was released. The only other difference noted in 3.1 is very Android-like, the ability to sync your friends with your address book.

Now all we need is for Apple to step up to the plate with iPhone 4.0 and give us a better to handle our notifications. At least we can all dream right?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Facebook 3.1 With Push Notifications Coming Soon

Early this morning developer of the iPhone Facebook application, Joe Hewitt, posted that Facebook 3.03 is on it's way to squash a few bugs. Even bigger news is that update will then be followed by Facebook 3.1 which will include push notifications.

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Quick App: Twitbit 2.0

For those of you who are a bit disappointed with your current iPhone Twitter client because of the lack of a little something called "push notifications" - You must check out Twitbit 2.0. [$2.99 Sale Price - iTunes Link] We've had the pleasure of testing the 2.0 build for quite some time now and we are happy to report this update has been finely tuned while adding a boatload of new features, so many that you'll have to wait for our full review.

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UPDATED: Dear Apple -- Where Are All the iPhone 3.0 Push Notification Apps?

UPDATED: Dominik Balogh from PoweryBase, developers of the iPhone 3.0 Push Notification-powered NotifyMe reminder app wrote in to let us know:

We have just received (now, sunday morning in Cupertino) an apology from Apple App Store Staff.

It's looking more likely that Apple is working behind the sc

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Apple Recruiting Developers to Beta Test Push Notification

Apple has begun emailing registered developers with the following:

As a developer actively working with iPhone OS 3.0 beta, we would like your help in testing the Apple Push Notification service. We have selected a pre-release version of the Associated Press app for iPhone OS 3.0 to create a high-volume test environment for our servers.

Great move on Apple's part, provided they recruit enough developers to really test the scaling of their iPhone 3.0 Push Notification system. After last year's disastrous MobileMe launch, Apple needs to make sure their infrastructure is as bullet-proof as possible before they pull the push lever... even if they are planning some limited multitasking as well...

Full text after the break:

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Dear Apple: How Will You Handle Death-By-Push-Notification?

It's summer 2009 and iPhone OS 3.0 has just been made available via iTunes. You have it up and running along with next gen Twitter clients, instant massagers, RSS readers, and all manner of Push Notification-enabled apps ready to alert you the very instant anything new is piping hot and ready.

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iPhone OS 3.0: What it Means for Gamers

TiPb has been following the iPhone and gaming for quite some time now. Now that the iPhone OS 3.0 announcement has come and gone, we've learned that there are 1000 new API's for developers in the SDK. This will not only help developers make better games but it also shows Apple is deadly serious about making the iPhone a true competitor to Nintendo and Sony within the handheld market. What a bright future there seems to be for iPhone gamers.

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