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Apple vs. Samsung commercials, June 2015 edition

Both Apple and Samsung just released new ads for their flagship phones, the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6.

Apple's commercials, an extension of the #shotoniphone6 campaign the company launched a couple of months ago, focus on how everyone from professionals to enthusiasts can capture, edit, and share amazing videos with nothing more than their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

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A rising iPhone lifts all complements

Following the launch of the iPhone it went from being dismissed as a toy to being targeted for extinction to being copied for relevance.

Eight years later and, while none of those tactics have benefited direct competitors in the long term, the existence of the iPhone has lifted complementary businesses and created new ones.

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Apple and the importance of customer service

When you buy a product you're also buying the company that makes it.

Sales, gimmicks, ads, all pale to insignificance compared to how they treat you, the customer, in the days, weeks, months, and years following your purchase. It's something that needs to be considered part of the overall value and as part of the overall decision.

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Why celebrities paid by Samsung keep using iPhones

A few days ago boxer Manny Pacquiao was given a Samsung phone in an effort to get some of the attention from his fight to carry over to Samsung products.

Pacquiao's Twitter account posted a picture of it, and included a Samsung hashtag in that and several subsequent tweets. Most of those tweets were posted from the Twitter website or from a "social management tool". Earlier today, after the fight, when Pacquiao posted another picture and thanked his fans for their support, it was tweeted by — you guessed it — Twitter for iPhone.

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Samsung's latest video looks oddly familiar...

It's impossible to argue that Samsung didn't change course and make the Galaxy S6 seem as close to an iPhone as possible. They tried to match the look and feel, even if they couldn't match the fit and finish, and now it looks — and sounds — like they're trying to match the same visuals — and voices — of the advertising as well.

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The difference between Apple and Samsung industrial design

'Paint the back of the fence', has been referenced time and again, "because you'll know."

Galaxy S8

Two years later and Samsung has to have finally gotten the ports and buttons aligned, right? Not so much. The just-announced Galaxy S8, sadly:

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Samsung has reportedly formed a dedicated team to build displays for Apple products

Samsung has reportedly created a team of around 200 employees to work exclusively on display technology for Apple products.

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For Samsung, turns out Karma's a 'bendgate'

"Bendgate" was last year's largely manufactured media crisis — you know, the negative attention grab that always seems to come up any time Apple launches a new iPhone.

Six months later and it's recognized now as the theater some of us saw it for back then. Indeed, my own iPhone 6 Plus, bought at launch day and kept in my front pocket almost constantly ever since, remains as flat and solid as a board. That didn't stop some of Apple's competitors from jumping on the hype in hopes of scoring some cheap attention of their own.

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Samsung once again reported to manufacture Apple's next-gen A9 processor

While there's still no official confirmation, Samsung is once again reported to be producing the A9 processor for the next iteration of the iPhone.

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How to switch from the Samsung Galaxy S to the iPhone 6

Samsung has released their new Galaxy S6 and if you're disappointed you waited, or tried it out and decided it wasn't for you, here's how to switch — or switch back to the iPhone.

The only constant with Samsung is change. Every year is feels like they try something different. That can make it both interesting and maddening for those already using one of the company's phones, or waiting to see what using one might be like. Take the all-new Samsung Galaxy S6 by way of example. It swaps out the plastic casing, replaceable battery, SD card slot, and water-proofing of last year's model for a metal chassis, and Touch ID- and Apple Pay-like features that seem right out of the iPhone's playbook. So, whether you feel like Samsung is no longer filling your needs, or if you're going to iPhone-like you might as well go iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus proper, here's what you need to know to switch — or switch back — to iPhone.

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