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If you want an iPhone but don't like Apple, here's your alternative...

Samsung has been at its most successful when filling voids in Apple's iPhone lineup: It offered Verizon support up until 2011, large screens up until 2014. What voids are left to fill now?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have to answer that question, starting with today's pre-order and carrying over to April 10's release date and beyond. It's an answer I'm truly interested in seeing, because right now I have no idea to whom I could recommend either of those phones.

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Why did you dump your Samsung Galaxy for an iPhone 6?

A lot of our readers who switched from Android to iPhone came from the super-popular Samsung Galaxy S line of phones. Were you one of them?

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Apple reportedly overtakes Samsung in Q4 2014 smartphone sales

Research firm Gartner claims that Apple sold 74.83 million smartphones worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2014, beating out Samsung which sold 73.03 million units.

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Samsung announces Galaxy S6 (the S is for Shameless)

One of my favorite Cordelia Chase quotes is — "Oh, please. Like shame is something to be proud of?"

It's so unapologetically brazen, so "success is it's own reward", that you just have to love it. The only thing is, you have to be successful for it to work. Samsung, with the brand new Galaxy S6 has once again shamelessly copied Apple designs, this time Apple's iPhone 6, Apple's Touch ID fingerprint registration interface, and the Apple Pay interface. Just as shamelessly, they ditched elements like user-replaceable batteries that they used in attack ads as recently as last July. Given their recent problems both in the market and within the company, they've obviously decided doubling down on shameless is just exactly what they need to do. The question now becomes — can they do it successfully?

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Samsung reportedly set to supply Apple with new memory chips

Samsung has entered into an agreement with Apple to supply the company with new 20nm LPDDR4 DRAM chips. The deal would see Samsung fulfill Apple's demand for memory chips for the next iPhone. According to the Korea Times report:

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Apple reportedly entices processor engineers away from Samsung

Apple has reportedly been successful in luring away a number of employees away from Samsung. Many of these hires are apparently technicians and engineers coming from Samsung's chip division. Apple is also reportedly giving these new employees increased independence

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Samsung acquires mobile payments company LoopPay to take on Apple Pay

It looks like Apple is about to get some new competition in the mobile payments arena from Samsung. The company announced today that it will acquire LoopPay, an Apple Pay competitor that works with existing magnetic strip readers.

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Samsung should make a not-Apple TV

Samsung has been most successful when it's made products specifically to fill gaps in Apple's lineup. When you couldn't get an iPhone or Verizon, Samsung made sure you could get a not-an-iPhone on Verizon. When you couldn't get an iPad that was smaller than 9.7-inches or an iPhone that was bigger than 4-inches, Samsung made sure you could get not-an-iPad at 7-inches and not-an-iPhone at up to 6. They were never as polished as what Apple eventually released, but they existed and people bought them. In some cases, in droves.

When Apple started making those products, however, and there was no longer a need for not-an-iPhone or not-an-iPad, Samsung faltered. While the Apple Watch is coming this April and the Apple Car might follow one day, the Apple television doesn't seem to be leaving the labs any time soon. So, maybe that's an opportunity for Samsung to make a not-Apple television?

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Samsung reported to still be the manufacturer of next-gen Apple's A9 processor

Once more, this time with feeling.

Just like we said in December when Samsung started building the 14-nanometer A9 processor for Apple, and in July 2013 when Samsung was first tapped to make the chip, Samsung is yet again being confirmed as Apple's partner for the next-generation A-series chip.

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Apple growing, Samsung slowing, and doubling down on the 'great product' strategy

Apple will report its first-quarter 2015 earnings later today, and analysts are expecting a blockbuster. That's in stark contrast to rival Samsung, whose profits have been stalling on both the premium and budget ends of market. What makes this remarkable is that Apple hasn't changed their product strategy to do it — they've doubled down on it.

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