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Facebook for iOS due for a big speed update

Facebook's app for iPhone and iPad tend to get a bad rap, but two anonymous engineers close to the source say that a completely rebuilt version is on the way with a heavy emphasis on speed. The current Facebook app for iOS is written with a lot of HTML5, but the updated one will be made with Objective-C and be released later this summer.

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Flipboard to start pulling in Google+ content

Flipboard, the hugely popular social reader app for iOS, will be among the first to feature integration with Google's social network, Google+. Google's VP of Product Management recently revealed in an interview that Flipboard will soon be able to pull in stories shared by friends on Google+, much as the app can already for Facebook and Twitter. This is a big deal because Google has been taking their sweet time opening up a developer API to their fledgling social network.

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OS X gets iOS-style Twitter integration, is this Apple's answer to social networking?

Among many other new features announced today for OS X Mountain Lion was Twitter integration, built right into many of the core Mac apps.

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Localmind 2.0 review: Ask questions and get local, expert answers right on your iPhone

Localmind 2.0 uses your iPhone's GPS to help you zero-in on local experts so you can chat with them live and ask them questions about the things that are important to you in your area. If you're familiar with Foursquare and Quora, it's almost a hybrid of those services where you can questions like, "are there any good bars around this restaurant you just suggested?"

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Path apologizes for taking your address book, wipes data from their servers

Despite iPhone address books being transferred over SSL, and the data only being used to notifications when friends signed up, Path has apologized profusely and wiped any personal information from their servers.

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Geohot quits Facebook and joins new startup Backplane

Iconic iPhone hacker George Hotz was hired at Facebook a while back. That didn't seem to work out very long as he's no longer there. What's he up to these days? It appears he's back to hacking and coding. This time he's with a brand new startup as well.

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Apple patents "Places" as a social networking trademark

While Apple and social networking didn't get off to a good start with Ping!, it appears Apple may be willing to try again with a new patent pointing to a social networking feature they are titling "Places". (Does this sound familiar to anyone else?)

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Latest Apple patent hints towards a social network for the retail world

The latest patent filed by Apple shows a possible Ping-like social networking tool for the retail world. It would allow for iPhone owners to share comments, opinions and recommendations for different products from different stores for their friends to view. Like any patent there's no telling when, if ever, this particular one will find its way into a real, shipping product, but it does hive us a glimpse at what Apple is working on.

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Gowalla for iPad - app review

Gowalla for iPad is a social app from some fine folks in Austin, TX that allows you to check-in to locations, see where your friends are checking-in, collect items and complete trips. Gowalla for iPad is available now in the App Store for free [Free- iTunes Link]

Gowalla is the newest entry into the whole "check-in" craze. Why check-in? With Gowalla the main goals are to see where your friends are and to collect items. However, this process is mainly reserved for the iPhone app. The iPad version of Gowalla provides beautiful access to view your activities (where you and your friends have checked-in), see what spots are in your area (spots are places to check-in) and your Passport (a summary of where you have checked in, stamps, pins and items collected.

This app is an excellent companion app to its iPhone cousin. The large screen really gives you great access to view where your friends are in real-time across the world. You can pinch and zoom from your city to the whole world in a breeze. You can learn more about a location or friend by tapping on their name on the map. Spots also dynamically appear when the map is moved to a new location, very slick.

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Apple unleashes Game Center social network

While third parties have developed several of their own social gaming networks for the iPhone and iPad, Apple entered the space themselves today with iPhone 4.0 and their Game Center Social Network. (Think Microsoft Xbox Live or Sony Playstation Network for iPhone and iPad apps).

Features include inviting friends, matchmaking, leader-boards, and achievements. And because it's built into the OS, developers get it "for free". Hard to compete with that...

[Image via Gizmodo]

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