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Rogers and Fido to Keep iPhone Tethering Free (with some Caveats)

Rogers (and subsidiary Fido) announced today via their RedBoard blog that the initial free tethering promotion for the iPhone would become the official policy going forward -- free tethering for everyone. Almost.

Effective immediately, tethering will continue to be included at no additional charge for Rogers and Fido customers who subscribe to data plans of 1 GB and above (excluding those listed below).

"Those listed below" are:

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AT&T Working Hard to Deliver iPhone Tethering Soon?

According to emails sent from AT&T employees to MacDailyNews readers, the network is working hard to enable iPhone tethering as soon as possible. Many of our readers are still waiting patiently to see when AT&T will flip the switch on iPhone tethering and if you contact AT&T the following are the contents of the cookie cutter reply you will receive in your inbox.

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Swede: Will iPad Tether? Steve Jobs: No. Sent from my iPhone

9to5Mac has the full, header'ed exchange between a Swede who emailed Steve Jobs about iPad tethering, and the answer he received from Apple's CEO.

First, the question from Jezper Söderlund:

Will the wifi-only version [of the iPad] somehow support tethering thru my iPhone?

And the answer?


Sent from my iPhone

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iPad SDK Settings: Tethering, Voice Mail, MMS, Wikipedia Search

9to5Mac is yet again delving deep into the iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad and this time they've turned up settings for internet tethering, voice mail, and MMS settings, as well as a search option for Wikipedia.

Again, whether or not this is legacy code from the iPad's iPhone heritage, or potential future features we have no way of knowing. Being able to tether to the iPad would be good (at least for international users, since AT&T doesn't even support iPhone tethering yet...) Being able to tether from the iPhone to the iPad would be even better, but we're not holding our breath... Likewise voice mail and MMS are interesting to see on a data-only device.

Wikipedia, however, is a natural extension of the built-in, currently Google-centric search and on the popover-enabled iPad Safari would be especially handy. Can we have that for iPhone as well?

Still no sign of Bing, however, though the current Yahoo! option will soon be powered by Microsoft's search engine anyway...

Video after the break!

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AT&T Ready to Improve Service in New York and San Francisco -- Just Don't Use that Unlimited Data

AT&T is finally opening up and coming clean about their sub par service that is offered in areas of New York and San Francisco. Ralph de la Vega, chief executive of AT&T Mobility, recently spoke at a investors conference regarding the poor service.

“This is going to get fixed, in both of those markets, I am very confident that you’re going to see significant progress.”

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Don't Expect AT&T iPhone Tethering Until 2010

Could it be we won't see iPhone tethering on AT&T's network until 2010? 9to5mac recently posted a saying to expect tethering on the network before the end of the year. An AT&T spokesman responded with the following statement:


blockquote>Just reading again – where did anyone promise tethering by EOY? Where did you see that? We promised MMS by end of summer and ended up being a few days late for that…

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AT&T: Still No iPhone Tethering or You!

AT&T, following the the reversal of their no-VoIP-over-3G policy, still has nothing new to offer with regards to iPhone tethering. Quotes the Wall Street Journal:

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AT&T Updates on Status of iPhone Tethering

Following up on today's announcement that AT&T would be making MMS available to US iPhone users on September 25, TiPb asked the logical followup -- tethering?

We expect to offer tethering in the future. By its nature, this function could exponentially increase traffic on the network, and we need to ensure that some of our current upgrades are in place before we can deliver the expanded functionality with the excellent performance that customers expect.

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AT&T iPhone MMS and Tethering Delayed Due to Bandwidth Concerns?

Has AT&T been delaying the US launch of iPhone 3.0's MMS and tethering services due to concerns about their network being able to handle it? Um, yeah, that would have been our guess... The New York Times, however, states it as fact:

[AT&T] has also delayed bandwidth-heavy features like multimedia messaging, or text messages containing pictures, audio or video. It is also postponing “tethering,” which allows the iPhone to share its Internet connection with a computer, a standard feature on many rival smartphones. AT&T says it has no intention of capping how much data iPhone owners use.

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Dear AT&T: Summer's Over, Where's our MMS and Tethering?

The minute our iPhone calendars turned from August 31 to September 1, TiPb's email box started getting many colorful variations of "Summer is over, where's our [redacted redacted redacted... redacted!] MMS and tethering!

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