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iPhone Tethering Coming Soon!

We hear from MobileCrunch [via] that official iPhone tethering will be coming soon to AT&T. How soon is "soon" we don't know, whether data will be capped or unlimited is a mystery, and exactly what sort of plan will be involved is also up in the air.

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Why No iPhone Tethering on AT&T? Too Many iPhones!

Know how some people are complaining that they have trouble connecting to AT&T's 3G network? How they drop calls? How they blame Apple? (Despite the phone working pretty dang well in other countries on other carriers). Remember the theory that there were so many iPhone 3Gs hitting the market that AT&T couldn't handle the load? (That their network was basically rabbit ears tied to old antennas? -- okay, we made that last one up!)

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How To: Tether your Laptop with an iPhone and PdaNet

PdaNet has been hailed as the best reason to Jailbreak your iPhone. Why? Because it sets your iPhone up as a WiFi router that you can easily connect to with your laptop. This setup is ideal for a lot of users for a few reason:

  1. It's dead-simple to set up, as it doesn't require any weird software or modem configuration on your laptop
  2. Since the iPhone becomes a simple WiFi router, there are no blocked ports. Unlike NetShare, PdaNet is not a 'SOCKS proxy,' so you can use any internet protocol (like iChat or AIM) and not have to worry about whether or not it will work.
  3. Although you'd take a big old hit on speed, you could theoretically share your internet connection with several computers.

There is one major caveat you need to be aware of with PdaNet, however. The Terms of Service on the standard AT&T iPhone contract and also on their standard Data Plans do not allow you to tether. Most people simply ignore this and go ahead and tether anyway -- being careful not to overdo it to prevent AT&T from hitting them with extra fees or even a cancellation. If that doesn't worry you, read on for a full how to on getting PdaNet setup to tether to your Laptop!

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Apple to Announce New Notebooks on October 14th

Engadget brings the news: there will be an Apple event next week, on October 14th. Obviously, based on the invitation above (which we didn't receive, sniffle), the focus is going to be on notebooks. Presumably there will be a new form factor or two to talk about here based on Apple's rumored "Brick" manufacturing technique, where they carve the case out of a single block of aluminum.

The only possible iPhone angles we're seeing here:

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Today on the Forums: Forums New Look! Leaving the iPhone?

Today on the forums I wanted to point out our new setup. We have cleaned up the forums a bit and have made it even more friendly for everyone. Don't trust me? Take a look for yourself! If you feel so inclined and want to see something added or removed, start your own thread and tell us!

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PdaNet Now Available -- via Jailbreak

I've gone ahead and followed Jeremy's excellent iPhone Jailbreak instructions for one specific reason: the ability to install PdaNet on my iPhone for tethering. PdaNet let us know, along with reader Lawton, that they've given up waiting for App Store approval (which will likely never come anyway) and have gone ahead and released their application for jailbroken iPhones. You can get the full skinny here.

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NetShare is Gone, what about PdaNet?

Seems like it's been an eternity since the pulling of the NetShare application officially brought us into the age of Apple pulling apps from the App Store on an almost daily basis. Without NetShare, the only folks who have been able to utilize their iPhones' 3G connection for Laptop connectivity have been the crazy ones.

For the rest of us, there's just the teeniest, tiniest glimmer of hope, that AT&T will relent and allow official tethering.

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Cold Day in Cell: AT&T Considering iPhone Tethering?!

The trouble with Steve Jobs (or an anonymous iMinion thereof) sometimes mailing off blunt-force rejoinders to disgruntled Apple customers? The intertubes suddenly become awash in Jobsmail, making it impossible to sort the real from the decidedly not so. Case in point: a Gizmodo reader claims to have emailed Jobs about the possibility of maybe potentially one day considering tethering (allowing your computer to connect to the 'net via your iPhone's 3G or EDGE connection). The alleged response:

We agree, and are discussing it with ATT.


Sent from my iPhone

Yeah, we can has big old doubts as well...

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NetShare Uses Your iPhone's 3G/EDGE For Your Computer (Update 2: Yeah, gone again)

Update: Macrumors lets us know that, strangely enough, it's back in the App Store. It doesn't show up in a search, but you can download it via this iTunes/App Store link.

Update 2: ...aaaand it's gone again, at least in the US. Le Sigh.

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Got Jailbreak? Don't Care About TOS? Get iPhone 3G Tethering!

Depending on your carrier, their terms of service (TOS), and your willingness to break said terms and face possible consequences including death-by-over-billing, you can now tether you newly pwned/jailbroken iPhone 3G to your laptop to share the mobile 3G internet connection anywhere and everywhere you go (your coverage area, of course, may vary).

The process is a little involved, according to Macrumors (via Cre.ations.net):

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