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Wikipedia gets a makeover along with 3D Touch and Spotlight support

Wikipedia for iPhone and iPad has hit version 5.0, getting a refreshed look and new features, including support for 3D Touch.

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Official Wikipedia app updated with beautiful new design

Wikipedia has released a redesigned and updated app for iOS that brings with it a number of improvements, including a speedier experience while researching topics on the go. The re-designed official app also brings with it a cleaner UI to make content the highlight of the experience.

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On this Day... - The stylish Event Calendar for iPhone review

On this Day... - The stylish Event Calendar is an iPhone app by Sophiestication Software, the makers of the award winning Wikipedia reading app, Articles, that shares past events, births and deaths that have happened on any given day. You can browse through hundreds of daily entries and read related Wikipedia articles that are formatted nicely for On this Day.

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Articles 2.3 Wikipedia reader for iPhone and iPad review

Articles is an Apple Design Award winning Wikipedia reader from Sophiestication Software with one simple, elegant goal in mind -- to present all the information you want in a fast, fluid, feature-rich format. Articles 2.3 takes all of that makes it equally available for iPhone and iPod touch, and iPad. That's right, Articles 2.3 is now a universal app.

But lets back up a minute. If you're new to the idea of Wikipedia Readers, you may be wondering why you need one. Wikipedia is free on the web, right? Why spend even a couple bucks to wrap it in an app. The answer is interface. You can do far more, far more easily, with a native app than you can do with a web page. There's a reason Facebook finally re-did their app with a native interface -- performance and power. And it's the same reason Articles works so wonderfully with Wikipedia. If you prefer the Facebook app to, or a Twitter app to, you'll prefer Articles to It really is that much better.

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Wikibot -- A Wikipedia Articles Reader for iPhone and iPad now available

Wikibot -- A Wikipedia Articles Reader brings a beautiful UI, tabbed browsing, and customization to reading Wikipedia on your iPhone and iPad. Additionally, you can save articles to read offline.

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iOS 4 features: Search the Web, Wikipedia

While iOS 3 (iPhone 3.0) introduced Spotlight search for on-device information like contacts, songs, and apps, iOS 4 examples Spotlight to search the Web and Wikipedia as well.

From the main home screen, just swipe to move left to Spotlight, or click the home button to toggle to it, and start typing your search. You may see the aforementioned local results start to pop up but you'll also see a Safari icon saying Search Web and a curiously blank icon saying Search Wikipedia.

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iPhone 4.0: Spotlight searches Google and Wikipedia

Spotlight in iPhone 4.0 takes a %&@ good on-device search that could find your apps, contacts, and other personal data, and makes it a ^%^(&$ fantastic on-device and web-resource search that can also send text strings out to the internet -- spelled Google and Wikipedia and bring you back the results.

First, yes, Google is still the default search engine, so that coffee break obviously worked. Second, yes, those Wikipedia strings that were discovered in previous iPhone OS betas looks like they've finally surfaced.

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Articles Wikipedia Reader for iPhone

Articles [$2.99 - iTunes link] is a thoughtful, elegant new Wikipedia reader and discovery tool from Sophiestication Software.

Rather than just displaying the page, Articles takes the data behind the page and reformats it in a very clean, easy-to-read format with a chapter index control to briskly skim your way through to the section(s) you want to focus on. You can search for articles, find articles based on your current location, or ask Articles to surprise you.

Two of the more interesting features are Mobile Safari-style "Pages" that allow you to keep several articles open at the same time and quickly move between them, and an interesting variation on the pull-page-down-release behavior that, rather then refreshing, toggle between orientation lock and unlock (so your iPhone won't spin content around wildly if you're reading in bed, for example).

There's also Mobile Safari-like bookmarks and history, and additional tips include double-tap-and-hold to display the chapter index, pinch or stretch to decrease/increase text size, tap-and-hold links to open articles in a new page.

Is it worth $2.99 when (and other Wikipedia-based apps) are free? If you want more than the raw data, if you like the experience and features Articles provides, then absolutely. I read Wikipedia a lot and Articles is the way I'll be reading it for the foreseeable future. (They had me at multiple pages).

Screen shots after the break, and if you give it a try, let us know what you think!


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iPad SDK Settings: Tethering, Voice Mail, MMS, Wikipedia Search

9to5Mac is yet again delving deep into the iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad and this time they've turned up settings for internet tethering, voice mail, and MMS settings, as well as a search option for Wikipedia.

Again, whether or not this is legacy code from the iPad's iPhone heritage, or potential future features we have no way of knowing. Being able to tether to the iPad would be good (at least for international users, since AT&T doesn't even support iPhone tethering yet...) Being able to tether from the iPhone to the iPad would be even better, but we're not holding our breath... Likewise voice mail and MMS are interesting to see on a data-only device.

Wikipedia, however, is a natural extension of the built-in, currently Google-centric search and on the popover-enabled iPad Safari would be especially handy. Can we have that for iPhone as well?

Still no sign of Bing, however, though the current Yahoo! option will soon be powered by Microsoft's search engine anyway...

Video after the break!

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