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Microsoft exec says they want iTunes for Windows 8, but Apple just isn't into it

Not surprisingly, Microsoft wants Apple to create a Windows 8 version of iTunes. Apple already makes a version of iTunes that runs just fine on Windows 8, but it's an old-style "desktop app" not a new-style "Windows 8 app". Not that that seems to be bothering Apple in the slightest. According to CNN Money:

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Recent studies on iPad mini and Windows 8 are both bullish for Apple

Now that the iPad mini has been available for a while, we’re starting to see some interesting industry research headlines pop up, based on consumer surveys. Earlier this week, Cowen and Co. made headlines with one particular study that I wanted to bring up for discussion.

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Upgrading to Windows 8? Here's what you need to know about iTunes!

Windows 8 hit physical and electronic store shelves this morning, and Mobile Nations' own WPCentral was up early grabbing Surfaces and giving everything a look. For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users, however, you can also now get your hands on Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system. If you are a Windows user, like most of us, you can download Windows 8 Pro and install it straight onto your PC as an upgrade to an existing Windows installation or set up your computer as a new PC and wipe it clean.

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Microsoft: The Surface has a keyboard, kickstand, is fun, and convoluted

Microsoft has released the first Surface commercial (look up) and pricing information (look down). The commercial is interesting in that it's musical and fun, like an iPod ad, but also focuses on what Microsoft probably perceives to be differentiators against the iPad -- the keyboard, the kickstand, and dancing people in suits (i.e. business users using Office).

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iMore show 309: Maple bearded bandits

Rene talks with Jim Dalrymple of the Loop about stealing maple syrup, stupid Apple stories, the iPad vs. Windows 8, the potential markets for a 7-inch iPad and 4-inch iPhone, iOS 6, and more. The iMore show Sunday edition returns!

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Iterate 24: Mantia

Marc, Seth, and Rene iterate through the 4-inch, 16:9 iPhone, Coda 2 and Diet Coda, Photoshop masks and text, Windows 8 UX, and Timer, and interrogate Louie Mantia of Pacific Helm. This is Iterate!

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Microsoft announces all new 10.6-inch Surface, a tablet competitor to iPad

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has just announced the all new Microsoft Surface, a Windows 8 tablet competitor to Apple's iPad. Microsoft's original Surface was a "big ass table" that mainly gained traction as a product placement on TV shows. This ain't that.

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Tim Cook thinks Apple's iPad + MacBook Air strategy is better than Microsoft's Windows 8 everywhere plan

During the Q2 2012 Apple conference call, CEO Tim Cook was asked if, like Microsoft is doing with Windows 8, the iPad and the MacBook Air would inevitable converge into a single product line. Cook thinks not.

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Splashtop puts Windows 8 on your iPad in the ultimate show of sacrilege

Splashtop's desktop-to-mobile virtualization app has just perversely enabled users to access their Windows 8 PC desktop on their iPad. Of course, this sort of VPN is nothing new, but it is the first time we're seeing it with Windows 8, much of which was designed specifically for touch input.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available for download

Sure iPhones and iPads are made by Apple, but many if not most iOS users are also Windows users, and just today Microsoft has made their next-generation operating system available for test driving via the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

It's Windows reimagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 speed and reliability. It's an all-new touch interface. It's a new Windows for new devices. And it's your chance to be one of the first to try it out.

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