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5 things Windows 10 Mobile converts will love about iPhone

The current state of Windows 10 Mobile is disheartening and it is forcing a lot of users to switch to competing platforms like Apple's iOS. That switch to iPhone may not be easy ... but it doesn't have to be unpleasant.

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Dual OS knockoff iPhone 4

We've seen our fair share of iClones in the past but this product out of China has taken the knockoff to a new level. It is quite unique in the fact it's the first iClone we've come across that runs two mobile OS's - Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android 2.1. The hardware is composed of a cheap plastic casing and buttons, 512MB of RAM, 5 megapixel camera sporting auto focus, and a 3.6 inch WVGA capacitive touch screen with multi-touch.

All of this can be yours for a cool $260.

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[, M.I.C. Gadget]

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Switching from Windows Phone to iPhone 4? Here's what you need to know!

How to make the switch from Microsoft Windows Phone (Windows Mobile) to Apple iPhone 4

iPhone 4 with its 960x640 retina display, easy-peasy FaceTime video calling, high quality 5 megapixel, back-illuminated camera that shoots 720p 30fps video, and the silky smoothness of iOS 4 convincing you to switch from Microsoft's Windows Phone (Windows Mobile) to Apple's newest handset? Worried about moving over your personal data like contacts, finding apps, getting used to the differences? Wondering where to get help?

Deep breath. We're here to help. Just hit the jump link for everything you need to know (more properly, everything the <a href=">TiPb iPhone Forums have taught us) about switching from Windows Phone to iPhone 4 and iOS 4.

(And yes, we've done Android, webOS</a, and BlackBerry switcher guides as well).

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Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft's Attempt to Leapfrog iPhone 4 -- The Competition

Rumors about Windows Mobile 7, or Seven as our sibling site WMExperts is calling it, are near-iTablet level over on that side of the smartphone space. If you read my Windows Phone (based on 6.5) review, you know I had only questions and no answers for Microsoft when it came to what they could do to become competitive in the increasingly important consumer space.

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Microsoft Windows Phone HTC Touch Pro 2, HD2 Hands-on Video -- Smartphone Round Robin

Week 4 of the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin brings me face-to-big-glass-face with our most ancient nemesis -- Microsoft's Windows Mobile Phone, this year spawning the killer keyboard of the HTC Touch Pro 2, and the monstrous hardware of the HTC HD2. Yes, that's 2 times HTC version 2 devices and to help me out, I've got the dark lord of WMExperts himself, the one and only WMExperts Phil Nickinson to show me the ropes -- and quite honestly to help me lift that ginormous HD2 onto the table!

Remember, every day you post on my WMExperts Forums thread, you're entered for a chance to win the Windows Phone of your choice. (And there's a total of 6 smartphones up for grabs -- one per SPE site -- so check them all out!)

This week also brings the yin to my yang, the productivity to my play, my best frenemy forever, CrackBerry Kevin back to TiPb and the iPhone he claims never to use. Head on over to the TiPb forums and help him out, would you? (i.e. show him some neat new games). And get a chance to win an iPhone 3GS for your troubles.

Video hands-on with the Touch Pro 2 and HD2 after the break!

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Dilbert Pokes Fun At the (Windows Mobile, Zune) Competition

Paul Thurrott over at the Windows Supersite Blog posted this up in reference to Microsoft's apparent strategy so far when it comes to Windows Mobile and Zune.


Steve Jobs like to quote hockey legend Wayne Gretzsky's famous line -- don't skate to where the puck is, skate to where it will be. Let's just hope they remember that, and this comic, and really bring it next year with iPhone 4.0 and the 4th generation iPhone, now that Android 2.x and webOS are on the ice.

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Zune HD Adds 3D Games, Windows Marketplace for Mobile Goes Phase II, and the Many Faces of Windows Mobile -- Mega Competition Roundup!

So, yeah, Windows Mobile and Zune. In all the excitement over the Droid (and Pixi), Microsoft went and snuck in some new, competitive updates.

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The Competition: Windows Mobile 6.5 Launches Oct. 6

Microsoft has officially announced that the next skin point release for their handheld operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5, will launch on Oct. 6 and include App Store Windows Marketplace for Mobile (catchy!) and MobileMe MyPhone services. WMExperts asks the impertinent question:

Will Windows Mobile 6.5 be available for any phones on that date? Will we see new phones released with WinMo 6.5?

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The Competition: Microsoft Gives Devs Guide to iCloning iPhone Apps for Windows Mobile

According to sibling site WMExperts, Microsoft has released a developers guide for porting iPhone apps to -- shock and horror -- Windows Mobile.

Can't blame them, though, 65,000 apps via a unified, on-device store, fart apps and rejected apps aside, is a huge competitive gap to make up, especially when your previous generation was stuck in a Windows 95-style user experience.

Selfishly, we hope the competition helps force out those fart apps and get those rejected apps back into Apple's iTunes App Store where they belong...

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