Fitness Plus StudioSource: Men's Health

What you need to know

  • Men's Health got an exclusive virtual tour of the Apple Fitness+ Studio.
  • It reveals a behind-the-scenes look at how Apple creates content for its subscription-based fitness platform.

Apple Fitness+ is the Best Fitness App for Indoor training, so it's no surprise that the studio where its content is created is a powerhouse of production and creativity.

In a recent exclusive virtual tour, Men's Health revealed some of the secrets behind the Apple Fitness+ studio where its content is created. From the report:

It's a blue-sky December day in Santa Monica and Men's Health is on an exclusive virtual tour of Apple's new 23,000-square-foot, three-story Fitness+ Studio, led by Jay Blahnik, Apple's senior director of fitness for health technologies. The interior is Apple-modern, all-white everything, wood accents, lots of glass, lots of screens. All the screens show whatever is going on in the wood-walled and wood-floored fitness studio, which has three sliding glass doors opened to reveal a verdant garden. Outside the door to the studio, there's a quote that reads: "Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space."

Speaking to MH, Apple's senior director of fitness for health technologies Jay Blahnik spoke about how Apple was creating art and inspiration with its Fitness+ workouts, discussing the importance of things like lightning and how it might vary from class to class. He also spoke about how Apple is trying to make fitness "a little easier, a little more motivating, and a little simpler to measure."

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The tour reveals some of the incredible techs behind Apple's production:

It begins with how Apple captures its content. Seven cameras and three trainers might seem like overkill, but there's a method to this muscle-building moviemaking. Apple shoots with high-end Super 35–format cinema cameras, in high definition. Mounting the cameras on robotic arms enables smooth movement, creating an elegant and intimate feel. "We built the studio in a way that would allow shooting all the angles to make the right choices to show just the right angle at just the right time"

The tour also delves into the rehearsal room next to the studio, where trainers can practice their workouts, spitball ideas, and collaborate with other trainers. The whole piece is a fantastic piece of insight into one of Apple's most exciting and popular new services, and you can read the whole thing here.