Gaming on iOS devices has steadily grown and grown in recent months and years, and now there's some really amazing titles available to play on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The fun doesn't -- and shouldn't -- stop there, though, as accessory makers have really embraced this and you can now get hold of some fantastic accessories to take your gaming experience to the next level. Here's a taste of some iMore favorites!

iCade cabinet for iPad

For the old-school gamers among us, the iCade is the perfect trip down memory lane. Styled to look like a classic 80's arcade cabinet, the Bluetooth enabled iCade gives you the chance to button-mash like the good old days. It works brilliantly with the Atari Greatest Hits app from the App Store, which gives you 100 classic Atari titles to play. The iCade isn't really designed for on-the-go mobile gaming, but it looks fantastic and offers a truly retro experience.

iCade 8-bitty controller

For something a little more portable, yet still keeping with the retro theme, there's the iCade 8-bitty controller. A Bluetooth controller compatible with the iPad and the iPhone, the 8-bitty has a D-pad, two shoulder buttons and four face buttons. It's compatible with any games the iCade cabinet is, including the Atari Greatest Hits, and many more. Unlike the cabinet, the 8-bitty will fit in your pocket, so is perfect for those impromptu gaming sessions wherever you may be.

Fling joystick

A clip on joystick is a quick, easy and very portable way to improve your iOS gaming experience wherever you are. One of our favorites is the Fling, which comes in mini and regular forms. The mini is perfect for gaming on your iPhone, while the regular Fling is perfect for the iPad. Both attach to your devices via a suction cup, and you can place them wherever on the display you require them. Where the Fling is perhaps a better choice than some other joystick attachments, is that it resembles more the analog sticks on the PS3 or Xbox, where you can rest your thumb on the stick and slide it around comfortably.

HEX3 Apptag

The HEX3 Apptag uses augmented reality to turn your world into a real-life first person shooter. The iPhone clips to the top of the gun attachment -- which in turn can be fitted to a NERF gun -- so what you see down the 'gunsight' is the real world being displayed on the iPhone screen. It comes with a single-player mode, but where the Apptag comes into its own is by way of a multiplayer real-life laser tag game. So, it enhances your gaming experience, and gets you outdoors!

Apple TV

Besides being a great piece of equipment to have in your living room, the Apple TV is also a great addition to your iOS gaming arsenal. Because you can mirror your iPhone or iPad games to the big screen using AirPlay, you still get to control things from your device, but see what's going on right there on your big screen TV. So many iOS games now have such great graphics, that blowing them up to look at on a TV enhances the experience so well. And, at $99 the Apple TV is still a great value for money product.

So, there you have it, a few of our selections to help take your iOS gaming experience up a notch. There's a whole lot more out there, though, so be sure to drop into the comments with your own suggestions!

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