iPhone through the yearsSource: Rene Ritchie / iMore

In my lifetime, I've seen the advent of the home computer (that's right, when I was a kid, personal computers weren't a thing), the proliferation of home gaming consoles (ColecoVision, anyone?), and the widespread adoption of cellular phones, which became smartphones (which actually just became phones). There is still so much new tech to be invented in my lifetime, too. AR and VR are picking up steam, self-driving cars actually exist, and there's a lot more I haven't even imagined up yet.

This past month, iMore, along with our sister sites, Android Central and Windows Central, and our favorite tech reviewer, MrMobile took a walk down memory lane to reminisce about tech of the past, and more specifically tech from our past — things that had a personal effect on us.

We talk about games we love, consoles we grew up with, our first PCs and Macs (and their operating systems), and the phones we loved the most. There's a little something here for everyone. And don't worry, we're not all as old as I am (I may even be the oldest of the bunch), our age groups run across multiple generations. There's almost definitely something here you remember fondly. Take a gander at our "Tech-nostalgia" and share your own memories with us.

MrMobile's flashback fun

The Star Trek-loving, tech reviewer extraordinaire, MrMobile, has been on a nostalgia kick like no other in the past few months. He's been unboxing and using phones like the Xperia, the Sidekick, and more. If you loved how unique older phones were, you're going to love MrMobile's review of these nostalgic devices.

Gaming in the olden days

Whether your first console was Pong or you grew up with Super Mario, everyone has a memory or two of playing video games at home. You don't have to be a hard core gamer to have a fondness for sitting too close to the T.V. while playing your favorite video games. Or, maybe you preferred taking a fist full of quarters to the local arcade?

The personal computer craze

For some people, and I'd argue a lot of people, the family computer has always been there. It may have even been there since before you were born. You may not realize your nostalgia for home computing because it's just been around, but can you remember the first time you started typing away at a keyboard? Or the first operating system you can remember using?

When phones met the future

When you watch old movies, read old books, and even see old comics, there's a lot of future-predicting going on. Though they may look different or be used for different things, today's phones and tablets are what sci-fi writers dreamed of decades ago. They've gone through a lot of changes over the past few decades (and they'll go through more changes over the next few), but I think we can all remember our first smart phone.

Musical tech

Technology isn't just for math geeks. It isn't just about coding or graphic design. The music industry was turned upside-down when digital songs became consumable by everyday people. We went from carrying around a folder full of CDs to having our entire music collection on a single device. Even if you have a box full of records in your closet, I'll bet you also listen to digital music.

With more than five decades of consumer technology on this planet, we've all got some fond and fun (or terrifying) memories of our first computers, first video game consoles, first phones, and early discoveries of digitized music. Tell us about your memories in the comments below. And if you see an article that someone you know would probably like, please share it with them, too!