Teleprompt+ 3 for iPhone and iPad takes professional prompting to the next level

Teleprompt+ 3 is the all-new and all powerful version of the best professional teleprompter app for iPhone and iPad. New features include a complete iOS 7 redesign that improves not only the look but the experience as well. There's rich text support, along with .RTF and .DOCX (in addition to .TXT) import so the writing looks the way you want it to look. If that's not enough, Quick Edit lets you make changes when and where you notice them, in the prompting mode.

Since Apple doesn't (yet?) allow developers to do paid upgrades, Teleprompt+ 3 is a new app. That means if you bought the original, you have to buy the new version again. Since App Store apps are much cheaper than traditional software, it's pretty much the same as doing a traditional software upgrade, if not as elegant. To help ease the pain, Bombing Brain Interactive is running a sale. If you act quickly, you can get Teleprompt+3 at a discount. If you're a production professional, it's a no brainer. In fact, I'd be surprised if you read this far down before hitting the buy button.

Rene Ritchie

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