Tello has the most flexible, inexpensive iPhone plans

Tello logo on an iPhone 11 Pro
Tello logo on an iPhone 11 Pro (Image credit: Joe Maring / iMore)

If you've ever shopped around for wireless phone service, you'll know just how difficult it can be to find something that checks all of the boxes. The ideal plan is one that works with your iPhone, has all of the features you're looking for, and doesn't break the bank every month.

This is much easier said than done, as there's no such thing as a perfect plan for your iPhone. You may find one with every single feature you're looking for, but it costs more per month than you're willing to pay. Affordable plans are plentiful, but not all of them are well-equipped for your normal usage.

Even with the fact in mind that there will never be a one-size-fits-all wireless plan, there is one that's recently caught our attention as something that's worth considering. It's called Tello, and for a lot of people out there, it has the potential to be one of the best plans you can get for your iPhone. There are a few reasons why we say that, so let's dig a bit deeper into this.

Unlimited everything for just $39/month

Tello Plans February 2020

Tello Plans February 2020 (Image credit: Tello)

One of the most recent additions to Tello is its unlimited plan, and it stands out as one of the best reasons to join the carrier.

When you think of unlimited phone plans, you probably think of overly expensive ones that are simply too costly to even consider joining. With Tello, that's not the case. For just $39/month, Tello gives you unlimited calling, texting, and LTE data. You can also use your iPhone's hotspot at no extra cost and get free calling to Canada, Mexico, China, and Romania.

There is one caveat to this plan, and it's that your data speeds are reduced to 2G if you use more than 25GB of data in a single month. That's quite the speed downgrade, but you'd have to constantly be on your phone's data connection in order to hit this limit. Assuming you connect to your Wi-Fi network when you're home, you should be just fine.

Furthermore, if unlimited plans aren't for you and you know you don't use your phone that much, you can take advantage of Tello's Build Your Own Plan tool and save even more per month. Tello allows you to select how much data and how many minutes you want during the month (unlimited texting is included for free) to get your personalized rate.

Talk on the phone a bunch but don't use much data? You can spend just $14/month for 2GB of data and unlimited minutes. On the other end of the spectrum, signing up for 6GB of data and 300 minutes would set you back $22/month.

Freedom to reconfigure whenever you want

Perks of Tello

Perks of Tello (Image credit: Tello)

That all sounds great, but here's a scenario you should consider. Let's say you sign up for Tello's unlimited plan, but a few months down the road, realize you would have been better off with a custom plan. Log onto your Tello account, change your plan, and you now have something that suits your needs. It's that simple.

Some carriers don't let you change your plan willy-nilly, but Tello doesn't impose any such restrictions.

This also lends itself nicely to Tello's custom plans. You could sign up for a plan with 4GB of monthly data, but a couple weeks in, realize you need more. Within a matter of seconds, you can upgrade to 6GB or 8GB. If you know you won't use that much data in the following month, you can kick it back to a smaller allowance.

Having the freedom to fine-tune your plan exactly how you want it is a huge benefit of Tello, and it puts you in greater control of how you use your phone.

How this stacks up to the competition

Verizon banner

Verizon banner (Image credit: iMore)

Any iPhone plan can sound good in a bubble, but as you start comparing Tello to some of the competition, you quickly realize how good of a deal it really is.

Seeing as how Tello is powered by Sprint's network, let's compare Tello's $39/month unlimited plan to the one you buy directly from Sprint. Sprint's Unlimited Kickstart plan is one of the cheapest out there at $35/month, but it does not offer hotspot access and your video streaming is limited to 480p SD. Furthermore, Sprint doesn't have anything similar to the Build Your Own Plan tool you get with Tello.

If we look at another major carrier, such as AT&T, you'd pay a minimum of $65/month for its Unlimited Starter plan. Even when you're paying this much per month, you don't get any hotspot functionality and are limited to 480p streaming. You can spend even more at Verizon for its $70/month Start Unlimited plan, which just like AT&T, doesn't include hotspot and limits your video streaming to 480p.

Give Tello a shot

Tello logo on an iPhone 11 Pro

Tello logo on an iPhone 11 Pro (Image credit: Joe Maring / iMore)

Tello doesn't come with anything like free Apple Music or Netflix similar to what you'll find with some other carriers, but as far as the value you're getting for your monthly rate, it's easily one of the best options out there.

Whether you go with the unlimited plan or make something based on your own usage, Tello costs substantially less than the competition while also giving you the flexibility to adjust your plan at any given time.

Seeing as how Tello works with just about every iPhone out there, there's no reason to not give it a chance.

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