Telus and Bell Going HSPA, Hungry for iPhone 3GS in Canada?

BGR served up a rumor that Telus in Canada was getting the iPhone 3GS in October. How will a CDMA carrier get the GSM iPhone? Simple, as mentioned last year, Telus has partnered with Bell to expand their CDMA network by adding in HSPA. That means Bell Mobility could support the iPhone 3GS as well, and the rumor's TiPb's hearing is they just might (though exact timing will of course depend on how fast they get HSPA up and running).

If Rogers/Fido's Canadian iPhone 3GS exclusivity was tied only to their GSM monopoly, and that suddenly becomes an oligopoly, will the increased competition lead to better iPhone plans and prices for Canadian consumers? Well, oligopolies are historically only slightly better than monopolies, so we won't get our hopes up any time soon.

So Canadians, anyone rather have their iPhone on Telus or Bell?

Rene Ritchie

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