Iphone 12 Pro Box With IpodSource: Joseph Keller / iMore

What you need to know

  • Your hot new iPhone 12 has a secret.
  • The box has a classic iPod hidden inside it.
  • You have to hope this was done on purpose.

Your new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro is pretty great but what if I told you the box it came in was even better. Well, OK. Maybe not, but hear me out – the iPhone 12 box has an iPod hidden inside.

Sort of.

The new iPhone boxes ditch the charger and earbuds for the first time, allowing them to sport a new layout. The paperwork and Lightning cable just happen to be laid out in such a way that they make the box look like a classic iPod. Click wheel and all.

The charming coincidence – or was it? – was spotted by one Redditor and once you've seen that iPod there's no way you're going to unsee it. Not that you should want to. Who doesn't love the classic iPod shape?

Iphone 12 Pro Box Hidden IpodSource: u/Kahnartist81

Pretty cool, right? I'm going to choose to believe that isn't accidental in the slightest and someone somewhere in Cupertino is chuckling to themselves right now.