Apple's HomePod was met with minor scandal when it was discovered that its silicone base was leaving rings on various wooden surfaces after being placed there for some time. Basically, the silicone interacts with the oil finish on a piece of wooden furniture, transferring a little color over. Your best option is to simply keep your HomePod off your wooden tables, desks, and nightstands. But if the best place for your speaker is on a wooden surface, then consider these mats and stands to help protect your teak.

Deeroll silicone anti-slip pad

The Deeroll pad is essentially a little pedestal upon which you may rest your mighty HomePod. The ring of your speaker sits into the Deeroll, which is shaped like a very, very wide plunger. Ironically, the Deeroll pad is made of silicone, but it's made of much sterner stuff, and Deeroll promises it leaves no marks whatsoever.

You can pick one up in gray or black for around $12 or in a two-pack for about $18.

elago HomePod stand

elago's stand "flips the script" as the kids say in that it actually holds your HomePod on its side. The base of the elago stand is, again, silicone, but it's different from what's on the bottom of the HomePod and won't leave a ring. elago promises that the stand doesn't impede the HomePod's ability to EQ itself in your room, since the tweeters and woofer aren't being blocked at all.

You can grab this one in black or white for about $15.

Meres aluminum holder

This one's a little more ham-fisted in its approach, but if you like the silver, sort of industrial look, then it may be up your alley. Meres' holder is a $36 stand with bars at each of the four corners to hold your HomePod in place. Your speaker then sits in the middle, unimpeded. The bottom is slightly sunken so that your HomePod can be comfortably nestled in there, and if nothing else, the Meres stand prevents it from being accidentally knocked over.

Comes in silver or black (and as a wall mount).

Circle for HomePod

Circle Tech's Circle is just that: a circle. It's like the end of the black plungers you see, with a protruding center that sits up under your HomePod. These are made of stainless steel, so they certainly won't leave a mark on your wooden furniture, and they're probably the most inconspicuous item on this list, really just looking like part of your HomePod when all is said and done.

Comes in silver or black for around $22.

HomeBase HomePod wall mount

The absolute best option for keep rings off your wooden tabletops? Get your HomePod off of tables altogether with the HomeBase wall mount. It's a bracket with circles on each end into which you slide your HomePod. The mount sits flush against the wall, and there's a large hole for the power cable, so everything looks nice and clean.

You can grab this one in black for about $18.

Pad & Quill leather HomePod coaster

Ostensibly first to market with something like this, Pad & Quill's leather coaster is the haute couture way to prevent stains on your wooden furniture. These $20 coasters are exactly that: oversize leather coasters that come in black, whiskey brown, or chestnut brown. They're elegant and relatively discreet, since they're perfectly sized for the bottom of the HomePod.

HomePlate coaster

The HomePlate coaster from H-Squared is another great and tidy option, since its raised circle fits into the ring on the bottom of your HomePod, and then the base simply looks like it was meant to be there all along. Made of acrylic, this one certainly won't leave any marks behind, and you can grab it in black or white for around $11. The flat design means no interference with the HomePod's EQ-ing functions, and little rubber feet on the bottom means no slippage.



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