Maps has extensions in iOS 10! Here are the apps that you can use.

Updated February 2017: Yellow Pages has added Maps support to their YP Dine Canada app, letting customers in Canada book reservations from within Maps.

With iOS 10, Apple announced it would be opening up some of its software to third-party developers, and Maps was one of the lucky apps that's been tapped for the new integration. They are called extensions, and they allow you to do more with the Maps app than ever before.

What the heck is a Maps extension?

The main purpose of app extensions is to give you the ability to do things like book a reservation at a restaurant without having to leave the Maps app. This integration will free up your precious time by cutting out the need to switch between different apps.

Apps that have extensions for Maps

Note: This list will be updated as we find more apps that work with Maps, so be sure to check back!