These iPhone ring stands double as fidget spinners

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've likely heard of the fidget spinner craze that's sweeping the internet (and the world). In fact, you probably know somebody who has one. If you don't though, fidget spinners are a handheld toy engineered to spin smoothly when you rotate them. To call them a fad, however, is underselling them a bit. They create a pleasant sensory experience that can be therapeutic for autistic individuals as well as those with anxiety and ADD/ADHD.

A bit of a play on the Spigen Style Ring and its variants, this particular phone ring stand combines the satisfying experience of spinning a fidget spinner with the handy practicality of a regular phone ring. You can use it as a kickstand to keep your phone upright when you're watching videos, slip it on your finger so you don't drop your phone on your face while scrolling through social media in bed, and, of course, effortlessly make your phone spin like some sort of wizard.

The ring sticks to the back of your iPhone with a super strong adhesive. To apply it, you just clean the surface of your phone, peel the backing off of the phone ring and press it on. According to Amazon's product description, it's best to let the phone sit for 24 hours so you can let the ring really adhere before playing with it.

The ring stand comes in gold, silver, black, rose gold, pink and space gray so you can perfectly match it to your iPhone color for a minimalist and uniform look.

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Tory Foulk

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