Let's be honest: waking up on Christmas morning without a ton of people around (or kids bouncing on your bed way too early) can be, well… lonely.

In today's day and age, one in five adults will spend Christmas alone, meaning that having lots of things to do during the holiday season can keep you from that lonely feeling.

While this season is different for everyone, we want to recognize that there are tons of things you can do when you're by yourself for the holidays. Here are a few!

Movies, movies, movies

It's around this time of year that people start gearing up for some Oscar-worthy flicks, Netflix prepares to purge all it's out-of-date 2017 nonsense, and the internet is ripe with new movies (and shows!) to watch and get into.

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Having time to yourself on Christmas day means you can finally watch an episode of a show you've never had the time to get into, or going to see a film in theatres that you've been itching to check out.

One nifty tool I've been using to see if the movies and TV shows I've been into don't support massive creeps is Rotten Apples: the site lets you type in the name of any piece of film or television and you can find out if there's someone who's been associated with any sexual misconduct in the past.

So go out, grab a big bag of popcorn, and start streaming your Christmas away!


While the holiday season can be pretty gosh darn tough for plenty of people, there are always those who need more of a helping hand in one way or another, and with your Christmas open and available, why not make your heart happy and Volunteer?

By simply Googling "volunteer" and then the name of your city/town, you'll get a ton of hits from local homeless havens, animal shelters, food banks, and so, so much more. This means you can take your pick and give back a bit this holiday season.

If you're really stuck on where to volunteer, most homeless shelters have large dinners on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, so give 'em a shout and see how you can give back to your community!

Get a li'l random

Weird websites you've never visited? A four-course feast of your favorite food? Arts 'n' crafts? Wine at 11 a.m.? Rebuild all your Lego sets from childhood? Heck, go out and buy some new, kick-ass Lego?

Clean your apartment while blasting Beethoven? Holiday photoshoot with your cat? Order some delicious grub from your favorite Chinese place? Try a dish you've never had? Try 2 dishes you've never had? Make your own ugly Christmas sweater?




Treat yo' self

If you've been stressed out this holiday season (or just all of 2017 like I've been…) then Christmas Day might be the perfect time to unwind — especially if there's no one there to bug and bother you CONSTANTLY.

If you're someone who's always wanted to have a facial but didn't want to drop the serious $$$, then springing for a sheet mask is going to change your world, gurl. Light a few candles (anything with lavender will instantly soothe and calm you), pop on your sheet mask, pour yourself a hot bath, and drop in a bath bomb (or 12...)

Go online and order that fancy thing you've always wanted. Paint your nails your favorite shade of red. Today is your day.

If you wanted, you could even do a li'l workout before you start relaxing to truly make the day all about you: I work on my fitness, I have my long baths, I gots my sheet mask, and there ain't NOTHING ya'll can do to stop this QUEEN.


… Do I need to delve into this?

Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is an extra 10 minutes in bed, but because you don't have to answer to a single human being on Christmas, you can give yourself an extra hour.

Or 6.

Or 20…

Better yet, just follow Dr. Steve Brule's rules for living on your lonesome:

What are your holiday plans?

Are you spending Christmas alone this year? Maybe you'll be surrounded by friends and family?

Let us know what your holiday plans are in the comments below!

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