Comedies, action films, dramas, and more are now on sale for just $5 each in digital 4K UHD and HD at iTunes for a limited time, including a variety of Adam Sandler movies and some must-see classics.

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Adam Sandler films + more in digital 4K or HD

Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Mr. Deeds, Click, The Wedding Singer, and tons of films not starring Adam Sandler are at some of their lowest prices ever this weekend.

$5 each

Adam Sandler fans are in for a treat this weekend, as some of his best films are now just $4.99 apiece. They vary from 4K to HD depending on the film, which will be noted underneath the price at iTunes. From films like Big Daddy to Happy Gilmore, if there's a Sandler film you want in your digital film collection, this is the time to grab it.

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If you're looking for something else, there are plenty of other films on sale for $5 that don't feature Sandler, including popular hits like Gone Girl, Rush Hour, Bad Boys, Mean Girls, Zoolander, and more.

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