Batman and Superman digital HD films are down to $5 at iTunes today

Now's the perfect time to fill out your digital HD collection with animated DC heroes films (opens in new tab), as iTunes is having a sale on various DC Comics movies bringing prices down to just $5 each. Keeping in mind these regularly sell between $10 and $15 when they aren't discounted, today's sale is a smart way to build your collection at a discount. Whether you prefer Batman or Superman, this sale should have a few films which interest you.

One of my personal favorites is included in this sale, Batman: Gotham Knight (opens in new tab). It threads together six Batman stories by different creators featuring various art styles, which is a fun, intriguing way to show unique perspectives of the beloved character.

The other titles you could grab for $5 include:

There's also the Batman: Bad Blood 3-film collection (opens in new tab) available for $10. It includes Batman: Bad Blood, Batman vs. Robin, and Son of Batman.

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Alex Smith

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  • Really great sale! Worth noting: this sale coincides with two major things - the launch of DC Universe (their new streaming service) and September 15th, which is 'Batman Day'. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that 'Gotham Knights' is not just 6 random stories - it was created as a lead-up to The Dark Knight (second film in the Nolan trilogy), and includes work by some fantastic Anime directors and amazing writers such as David S. Goyer and Brian Azzarello. The overall style and tone of this series of short films is similar to the 'Animatrix' films.