The iTunes movie store is having a rare sale on a range of movies with the most notable titles coming from its Marvel lineup. Each of these movies was selling for $20 as recently as May 1 but are now priced at $15:

There are also several recent releases on sale for under $10, down from $18:

And just to top off the selection, here are a few older, but still great, movies on sale for under $8. Some of them were newly discounted (like Jurassic World from $15) and some have been at these low prices for some time:

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You can explore the rest of the selections available through the iTunes store. Look for the Marvel movies under the "Family-Friendly" category. The movies under $8 come from the category "Limited-Time Prices." Just look for the "Build Your Collection" link. And the final category is called "Under $10 in HD: Recent Releases" and features several other new films you might be interested in.

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