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This massive iTunes holiday sale is full of discounts on Digital HD films and bundles

Owning movies digitally is the best way to ensure you can watch your favorite films whenever you'd like. They can tend to be pricey at times though, but right now iTunes is having a massive holiday sale offering films in Digital HD and 4K UHD for as low as $4.99 each (opens in new tab). This could be the perfect opportunity to grab some of your favorites and some films you've been meaning to watch, but the deals are scattered all over the iTunes store so you may need some help locating all of them.

Before we jump in, you'll want to know that you can score a discounted iTunes gift card at Amazon today. Pick it up first before you start spending to save a bit extra on your purchases.

For 4K fans, there are several selections you should check out, including films in 4K UHD for $5 (opens in new tab), for $8 (opens in new tab) and for $10 (opens in new tab). In these categories, you'll find deals like Jurassic Park and Pitch Perfect for $5 each, Inception and Mad Max: Fury Road for $8 each, and Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman for $10 each.

There are tons of Digital HD films for $5 right now too, so you'll want to browse through the Action & Adventure (opens in new tab), Comedy (opens in new tab), Drama (opens in new tab), Kids (opens in new tab), Sci-Fi & Fantasy (opens in new tab), Thriller (opens in new tab), and Misc. (opens in new tab) categories where you'll find movies like Hancock, Mean Girls, The Notebook, The Goonies, The Teminator, and so much more.

Movie bundles are a way to pick up multiple films all at once, and right now there are several with 2 or more films on sale for as low as $10 (opens in new tab). Depending on the number of movies included, it's possible you could score the films within for less than $5 apiece. Some of the bundles aren't as inexpensive, but they still offer great deals like the $50 Harry Potter Collection (opens in new tab) that includes all eight original films.

Another offer worth your attention includes various Disney films for $15 or less (opens in new tab), from classics like The Muppet Christmas Carol to newer releases like The Incredibles 2. There's a good number of festive features here too. The Editors' Choice section (opens in new tab) is also full of highly-rated films at less than $10 each, from Crazy Rich Asians to Hidden Figures to Blade Runner 2049.

As you can see, there are countless ways to save on digital movie purchases this week, so be sure to head to iTunes and take your pick before the sale ends. Other categories you may want to browse include:

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