We live in a connected world, which means it can be a major pain to plug in All The Things. Need to charge your phone, wearable, battery pack, and headphones whilst also keeping your TV and consoles plugged in? You'd better hope you have a ton of AC outlets around. If you could use some more efficiency when it comes to your outlets, check out the Tessan Multi-Plug Outlet Extender. Usually priced at $17, today it falls to just $11 when you clip the on-page coupon and enter code 30CJWUBE during checkout at Amazon.

From One To Many

Tessan Multi-Plug Outlet Extender

You don't need to know a magic trick in order to watch one outlet turn into five. Just clip the on-page coupon, enter the code below, and let this deal make your life easier.

$11 $17 $6 Off

With coupon: 30CJWUBE

This handy little gadget has hundreds of positive customer reviews, and it's perfect for bedrooms, cruises, vacations, dorm rooms, and anyone that uses more than one device at a time. Simply plug it in to an AC outlet and voila! You now have three AC outlets, two USB ports, and a neat shelf that can hold your phone or other gear. The USB ports are capable of delivering up to 2.4A apiece, so your phone and other tech will charge quickly. Though it doesn't feature surge protection, your plugged in devices are protected from overheating, overcharging, short circuiting, and more.

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This particular model also features a dusk-to-dawn night light which will automatically turn on once the room is dark. Sensitive to light? No worries. Unlike other similar products, this night light can be turned off manually.

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