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What you need to know

  • TIDAL has announced a new partnership with Best Buy.
  • You can now get three-month trials with certain purchases.
  • Customers can also access discounted annual memberships.

TIDAL has announced that it is now offering exclusive membership discounts and free trials through Best Buy.

In a press release yesterday TIDAL stated:

Beginning today, global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL is giving Best Buy customers an exclusive membership offer with select hardware purchases. Music fans can access special offers for both Premium and HiFi memberships in-store and online including:

3-month free trial of TIDAL Premium with select hardware purchases 3-month free trial of TIDAL Hi-Fi with select hardware purchases and a discounted monthly rate of $14.99 (normally $19.99) upon completion of trial Discounted annual membership at the cost of only eight months ($79.99 for Premium or $119.99 for HiFi)

As noted, shoppers can access 3-month free trials of either TIDAL Premium or Hi-Fi on selected purchases, as well as a discunted monthly rate on TIDAL Hi-Fi. The real savings are to be found in the annual purchases, where you can get a year's worth of either for the price of just eight months.

Applicable products include speakers, TVs, receivers, streaming media devices and headphones and Magnolia Home Theater Audio products.

You can access the deal both in store an online, and the memberships will be paid for and managed via Best Buy.


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Access a 3-month free trial with select purchases, and get discount off an annual membership now!

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