One huge benefit of the iPhone's superb web browser are all the web applications that have sprouted up since the iPhone's release.  Just like in Field of Dreams, if you build it, they (developers) will come.  Among the plethora of web apps available, several social networking sites have popped up and this week's Tip is about a unique angle on this genre.  Floort at is a site that boasts "We know what you're thinking", and as a matter of fact, they DO!  Read on for this week's Tip and how you can give someone else (or even the world) a piece of your mind!

Are you one of those people that has an opinion about everything and you've all but driven away your family and friends?  Or is that just me?  Well, whether you are an extreme opinionist (I just made up that word -- coined it, if you will) or the kind of person that bottles everything up and speaks only when you really have something important to say, Floort is a virtual soapbox for you to deliver the goods.

After you register as a member of Floort (it's free!), you can create a mini-blog about any topic, telling the world what's on your mind.  Other Floort members can then respond and tell you what THEY think about what YOU think.  This can create dialog and possibly some bad feelings (then again, maybe some GOOD feelings too!).  In this manner, you can interact with other members and maybe make a like-minded (or polar opposite) friend or two.

Floort is not just a stand-alone app, floating in the vast internet sea like a lonely message in a bottle.  In fact, Floort is connected to other social blogging sites, so the opportunity to network with others reaches far outside the scope of Floort itself.  For example, taken from the Floort web site:

Floort is now also a front-end for other social blogging sites such as twitter.  You can receive Floort updates via iPhone and text messaging.  Your Floorts are automatically posted to your twitter account.

The latest version allows faster, more powerful browsing.  You can search Floort entries by newest, most popular, most commented on, most recent comments and highest number of views.  You can also search for Floorts based on title, author or tag.

When viewing a Floort, you have the opportunity to cast your own vote about that user's opinion.  You may agree, remain neutral (not sure), or disagree.  Then, you can leave a comment with further explanation (like praise or venomous disdain).  In any case, Floort is a fun web app that places your opinions at center stage and others can give you feedback.  Do you have what it takes?

So, fire up mobile Safari on your iPhone and give Floort a spin.  If you are opinionated or just bored and want to stir the pot by responding to the opinions of others, Floort may just be the place for you.

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