The iPhone 3G is SOOOOO close, I can practically taste the doubled speed, GPS and iPhone 2.0-and-web apps sweetness!  It's hard to believe that it's already been over a year since I held the object of my obsession (a.k.a. iPhone 2G) for the first time in the Apple Store.  Now, my still-gleaming 2G is about to become a has-been.  Will it be worth the box it was shipped in after July 11?  Read on for this week's Tip, the possible future of YOUR "old" iPhone!

iPhone 3G on Sale July 11 People buying an iPhone for the first time are waiting until July 11 or after. In some ways, they are the lucky ones.  They don't have the conundrum of figuring out what to do with their iPhone 2G.  Sell it on eBay for pennies on the dollar?  Donate it to charity?  Drop it in their "old icky outdated technology drawer" from where there is no return?

I was an "early adopter" -- translation: I was suckered into paying $599 (still hurts to type it to this day) for my little slice of techno-nirvana. Given the new iPhone 3G is just around the corner, this week's Tip is a timely one regarding what YOU can do with your old iPhone!

In no particular order, here are some ideas:

1)  Use your old iPhone as an iPod (a really expensive iPod, but hey, it has a pretty multi-touch screen!)

2)  Hand-me-down: give it to your spouse, significant other, child, friend, boss (possible bribe potential), etc.  I'm sure the beneficiary will LOVE it (especially if they have not experienced an iPhone before) and AT&T will love it too ($$$)!  Besides, the tax write-off may be higher than what you'd get on eBay.

3)  Keep it.  Don't upgrade.  It's humanly impossible to resist the siren song of the iPhone 3G, but if you are super-human and manage to stick to your 2G, then at least be comforted in knowing that you will keep your same rate plan and you can point your finger and mock all the 3G'ers that are paying more for their data (see

4)  Doorstop, paperweight, pond-skipping, coaster, or all the above.

Thanks for dropping by for this week's Tip about what you can do with your old iPhone 2G.  What will YOU do with yours?  Leave a comment and share!

Disclaimer:  Tip o' the Week makes no guarantee, express or implied, that any tip found herein will be new or particularly useful to the reader (except for #4 above - I suspect that even the iPhone 2G's sleek design would beat just about any flat rock in a pond-skipping contest).