All play and no work makes TiPb... pretty happy really. But with the GRAND PRIX done and the great prizes won, it's time for us to get back to business, and that means a new contest with even more App Store apps, more TiPb reviews, and more ways for you -- our readers -- to win... AT WORK!

Once a week for the next few weeks we're going to review 2 business/productivity Apps head-to-head and app-vs-app. But here's the twist: there are so many Apps, we can't decide which ones to review. So the TiPb iPhone Forum will decide for us!

Every Thursday we'll be posting a poll up in the iPhone Exchange and Enterprise Forum containing the candidates for review. You vote on your favorites and we'll review the top two. Voting closes on Saturday, and we review on Wednesday. Based on our review scores, we're going to pick the winner of the head-to-head... and TWO of you, are going to win that app! (Technically: an iTunes App Store gift certificate in the amount of the winning productivity app).

TWO of you? Yup, each week, one TiPb iPhone Forum member who votes (or posts on the thread) and one blog reader who leaves a comment on the review will EACH win a copy of the winning App!

We'll randomly pick a voter and commenter and announce the winner the next week on the following AT WORK review. (First winner announced on second review, second winner on third review, etc.) So make sure you hit them all!

One more thing: TiPb reserves the right to throw a final twist in at the end.

The first Forum Poll is up now, so head on over and vote for the Instant Messenger you most want to see reviewed App vs. App! (And most want to win, of course!)

Contest details after the jump...

Them Details:

  • Open to USA and Canada only (Sorry, we can't get gift cards to the other countries)
  • Only one comment/entry per "AT WORK" review counts (but feel free to post as much as ya like!)
  • Eligible comments/entries MUST include a valid email address. If we can't contact you, we can't send you your prize!
  • Contest will run once a week until all five (5) App vs. App AT WORK reviews are complete.
  • We'll announce the previous week's AT WORK app winner with the next week's AT WORK review posting.
  • You can win no more than twice.