TiPb hits 10,000 Posts! [Giveaway]

This is the 10,000th post to appear on TiPb. Okay, well, technically it's the 10,000th post to appear on Phone Different, which merged with theiPhoneBlog.com, which became the TiPb.com you know and love. By pure post count, however, we just hit one heck of a milestone. Reviews, how tos, editorials, apps, accessories, podcasts, videos, interviews, polls, games, live events, news, rumors, contests -- we've covered it all.

So to Marcus Adolfsson who founded Smartphone Experts, to our editors emeritus, Dieter Bohn and Mike Overbow who started Phone Different for SPE, and Kent Pribbernow who started theiPhoneBlog, and to all the editors and writers and special guests, past and present, who've joined us along the way, thanks and congratulations.

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We're just getting started.

Now how about a little giveaway to help us celebrate? Yeah?

Get on over to store.imore.com and...

  1. Find your favorite case.
  2. Paste the URL into the comments below.
  3. Tell us why you chose it/want it.

We'll pick ten (10) of you and send you the case of your dreams. We'll also pick one (1) lucky poster and send you a $100.00 iTunes gift certificate.

Contest starts now and ends Tuesday, June 21 at 12pm. So what are you waiting for, get to it!