TiPb's next top blogger has being going like gangbusters here on the blog, and even more-so over on the forums. Last week was all about power news blogging. If that's what interests you, we're looking for several hardcore newsies who can get the facts and give them voice, so keep it up. If that's not your thing, however, here's round 2:

  • Tips and tricks

We'd also like to start providing very short, very concise tips and tricks for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV, iTunes, MobileMe, Ping, Game Center, and really popular third party apps and services. No long, drawn-out how-tos these, just one short way to make your iOS life better. They can range in skill level from beginner 101 (tap space twice to insert a period -- hey, everyone has to start somewhere!) to elite ninja (type in this number string to access field test mode -- be careful if you make it permanent!), they've just got to be useful.

Want to work for TiPb and help out your fellow iPhone and iPad lovers? Start posting your tips and tricks now. We'll choose one of our favorites each day and promote it to the front page, and anyone who shows consistency and panache, well, we'd love to bring you on board all official-like. So get to it!