Nothing makes people more paranoid than a shiny new gadget, especially if it's an expensive-to-replace shiny new iPhone 3GS gadget fresh from Apple. Cases can't work miracles, but they can go a long way towards helping you avoid dust and dirt, nicks and scratches, and -- depending on how hardcore you go -- cracks and breaks. Oh, and they can also stylize your iPhone beyond Apple's iconic black and white, if that's how you want to roll.

We'll be rounding up some accessories for new iPhone owners in the coming days, and because we're just as paranoid, we're starting with cases.

Luxury Leather: Sena Elega Case

Sena Elega CaseJeremy loves the Sena Elega Pouch Case ($39.95 - iMore Store link). Napa leather on the outside, velvet on the inside, with shock-absorbing padding and a belt clip, this top loader also has cut-outs so your speakers don't get muffled when listening with the case on.

Get a Grip: Seidio Innocase II

4073Dieter still likes the grippy goodness of the Seidio Innocase II [$29.95 - iMore Store link] because, let's face it, the plastic backing of the iPhone 3GS might not blend, but it doesn't exactly stick to the hand either. With a soft-touch, "rubberized" finish, and ultra-slim profile, the Innocase II provides just enough protection without getting in your way about it.

Layered Protection: OtterBox Defender

OtterBox DefenderCasey called this one protection without compromise, and certainly if you need to keep your iPhone 3GS safe come rain or shine (light rain, not the pool!), Otterbox Defender [$44.95 - iMore Store link] brings it like armor. Rather than chain and plate, however, a polycarbonate sheet covers the screen, a polycarbonate skeleton provides crush-protection, and a silicone skin finishes off the impact-proofing.

Charge and Go: Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie Juice PackJames still won't leave home without the Mophie Juice Pack ($99.95 - iMore Store link). What with push notification, video shooting and sharing, and faster, better processors, the iPhone 3GS is even harder to put down, and that means even harder to keep charged. If you need a case, and want to keep going, and going Mophie Juice Pack can give you 6 additional hours of 3G talk time and 8 hours of video watching.

More than Skin Deep: BodyGuardz

BodyGuardzIf you want some of the protection but none of the look or bulk of a case -- high-tech applications to the rescue! Made from the same material that is used to protect the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive elements, BodyGuardz [$24.99 - TiPb store link] is transparent, tough, and come two to a box should you need to protect more than one iPhone, or want a spare just in case.


From almost not-there, to full on hasmet suit-like coverage, from clear to colorful, if you want a case to protect or pretty up your iPhone 3GS, there's a wide variety of forms and fashions to fit your needs.