iPhone Survived 8 Months UnderwaterSource: Pear Video

What you need to know

  • Mr. Zhou was canoeing in the Chinese Wu River in Guiyang.
  • He dropped his iPhone overboard and assumed it was lost.
  • Eight months later it's back and working fine.

Stories of iPhones surviving after spending months underwater continue to amaze, with the latest managing to last eight months in the Wu River in Guiyang, China. And it still works.

The story goes that Mr. Zhou was canoeing when he dropped the iPhone into the water. It was in a zipped-up plastic bag but was assumed lost for good. Until a phone call eight months later after someone found it and was able to get the man's phone number from a business card inside the iPhone's case.

Mr Zhou received a phone call from a stranger who asked the tourist if he had lost his phone by the river that day.

Mr Zhou initially thought the call was a scam: 'I was thinking how is that possible. I'm holding my phone to talk to you right now.'

It then occurred to Mr Zhou that it was the phone he had lost last year.

The iPhone was then returned to its owner via mail, fully working.

While Apple says that modern iPhones are water resistant, they aren't designed to spend too much time submerged. That hasn't stopped some from doing just that and surviving, although that zipped-up bag probably helped here.

You should probably pick up a waterproof case if you plan on doing something that could leave your iPhone in watery peril