TP-Link adds Siri Shortcuts integration for Kasa line of smart accessories

Tp Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini in a kitchen setting
Tp Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini in a kitchen setting (Image credit: TP-Link)

What you need to know

  • An update to the Kasa Smart app has added support for Siri Shortcuts.
  • Shortcuts support allows for voice controls through iOS and the HomePod.
  • The newest addition is not HomeKit, so it cannot be used in automations and scenes in the Home app.

A recent update to the TP-Link Kasa Smart app has brought Siri Shortcuts to the company's line of smart home accessories. Spotted by u/Tomreddit4 on the HomeKit subreddit, the update landed quietly late last week in version 2.21 which is mentioned as being "primarily a maintenance release".

The addition of Siri Shortcuts brings convenient voice controls through iOS and the HomePod for accessories from the HomeKit holdout. Once the update is installed, users will see the Kasa Smart app listed among other apps in Apple's Shortcuts. Controls through Siri include changing lighting color and brightness, playing a scene, and turning on/off devices.

TP-Link does not include a list of the exact accessories can utilize the new integration. TP-Link's Kasa line currently includes light switches, smart plugs, power strips, and cameras. Based on the controls shown in the Shortcuts app, it is probably safe to say that the company's Smart Plug Mini and its multicolor light bulb are compatible.

Before running out to buy Kasa accessories, It should be noted that Siri Shortcuts support is not HomeKit, Apple's smart home platform, support. TP-Link's accessories will not be available in Apple's Home app and is not available to use with automations and scenes. The latest integration however, does allow the accessories to work with personal automations that run outside of HomeKit.

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