Trillian IM App for iPhone -- 60 Days and Waiting!

An update from the folks Cerulean Studios on the status of the iPhone version of their popular IM client, Trillian:

It’s been 60 days since our initial and only submission to the App Store. Unlike many of the horror stories you may have read about, we haven’t yet received a rejection notice and we’re not frantically going back and forth with Apple fixing reported problems. Despite sending a steady stream of emails to Apple requesting status updates, we continue to receive generic form letters in response – frustrating, to say the least. As developers, we absolutely understand and appreciate Apple’s need to quality control applications – including the need for additional review time when warranted – but being kept in the dark for two months is a strange way to accomplish this. Cerulean remains ready and willing to work with Apple to ensure the software meets all necessary requirements.

We're hoping they hear back soon as well. We're also hoping Apple understands that their lack of communication continues to hurt what's otherwise a fantastic success story with the App Store. Step up to the mic, will ya? Everything can't be dead silence and boilerplate on one end, Phil Schiller email on the other...

Rene Ritchie

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