Twelve South launches BookBook Travel Journal for iPad

Twelve South has introduced a new travel case for the iPad the BookBook Travel Journal. An all-in-one leather travel case built for use with either the iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini, the BookBook also carries essential accessories like headphones, chargers, and cables. The BookBook can be used to replace larger laptop cases, messenger bags, and briefcases for those who only travel with their iPads now, instead of a laptop. However, Twelve South says that the is also the perfect companion for anyone that wants a central place for all of their accessories when they choose to travel with a laptop.

The BookBook is lightweight, yet large enough to hold some larger accessories, such as a good set of headphones and some smaller stand, like Twelve South's own Compass iPad stand. The case is 8"x10.3"x1.9", and has a pocket compatible with all models of iPad, the iPad mini, and iPad Air. You can buy the BookBook Travel Journal now from Twelve South for $99.99. Who's buying?

Source: Twelve South

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