Twitter Super FollowsSource: Twitter

What you need to know

  • Twitter Super Follows will offer paid-for access to additional content priced at $4.99.
  • Communities will be similar to Facebook Groups and based on specific interests.

Twitter today announced a couple of new features coming to platforms including iOS 14, one designed at making it easier for people to earn money while the other takes on Facebook Groups.

The former, dubbed Super Follows, will allow people to pay $4.99 per month to gain access to exclusive content from creators. That content could be just about anything and it isn't limited to tweets. An email newsletter is one example of something that could live behind the Super Follow fee, for example. Twitter sees this as a way for people to directly support their favorite creators in a way that's similar to other services like Patreon.

The second feature is called Communities and is clearly aimed at Facebook Groups. Users will be able to sign up to a community based on a shared interest and then have them see tweets based on those interests. It's similar to following a hashtag, I presume, but all wrapped up in a nicer interface.

Unfortunately, Twitter isn't saying when any of this will be available for us to use. Both features are listed as "what's next' for the social network but that doesn't mean a great deal. The announcement came during a presentation for analysts and investors today, suggesting it's something further down the pipeline than anything that is likely to go live imminently.

As interesting as both of these features sound, neither of them is the edit feature we've all been crying out for. I'd likely pay $5 per month just to get access to that!