Twitter for Mac, one of the first Catalyst apps, now available for download on the Mac App Store

What you need to know

  • Twitter for Mac is now available to download from the Mac App Store.
  • It launches with support for live streams and automatic Dark Mode.
  • The app is one of the first to use Apple's Catalyst technology to bring iPad apps to the Mac.

Today, the Twitter for Mac (opens in new tab) app has made its return to the Mac App Store. Originally announced at WWDC 2019, many were expecting its return when macOS Catalina became available, but the new OS rolled out without Twitter for Mac. That changed today, as Twitter for Mac became available to download for all macOS Catalina users.

Twitter for Mac on Mac App Store

When Apple announced its Catalyst technology at WWDC 2019 in June, the company talked about how developers will now be able to bring their existing iPad apps to the Mac. With well over a million iPad apps on the iOS App Store, this spelled a huge opportunity for developers and for users who have enjoyed apps on the iPad but have had to switch to a browser when accessing the same app on their Mac.

One of the apps highlighted at WWDC was Twitter, who had once had a Mac app but had shut it down years ago. Now, with Catalyst, Twitter has taken its iPad app and brought it back to the Mac.

Twitter for Mac in fullscreen

The app functions exactly as you would expect it to whether you are on a browser, on iPad, or on iPhone. It even comes with automatic Dark Mode support which will change it from light to dark mode along with the rest of the apps in macOS Catalina. Things do look a little odd if you take it into fullscreen, as the timeline currently does not expand to make use of the extra real estate. This is something that will hopefully be worked out in a future software update.

You can download the Twitter for Mac (opens in new tab) app from the Mac App Store now.

Joe Wituschek

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  • But does it sync timelines between devices yet? Must have feature in my books.
  • Not sure but I bet it has sponsored tweets that I don't want to see like the iOS app so I'll keep using Tweetbot
  • It requires 10.15 what a crock. I'm not ready to move my work Mac to Catalina yet. Trying to get rid of a couple 32 bit apps and have to wait for my employer to release them, WebEx being one of them (yes I know there is a 64 bit version)
  • Are you not allowed to install your own apps? It requires 10.15 because it's a Catalyst app, it specifically requires a framework which only exists in 10.15 that allows developers to bring iOS apps easily to the Mac
  • Don't use it. What they did to independent developers (who made Twitter's growth possible) is unforgivable. Never, ever use their native apps.
  • I just don't use it because it has "sponsored tweets" or ads which clog up your feed. If they ever completely block third-party apps I'll remove my Twitter account