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What you need to know

  • Twitter has rolled out a new feature to connect your tweets to each other.
  • "Continue Thread" gives you the ability to connect a tweet you are composing to a posted tweet.
  • The update is rolling out slowly to users over the next day or so.

Twitter is now rolling out a feature that makes it easier to connect tweets together into a thread. Called "Continue Thread", the feature allows you to connect a tweet you are currently composing to something else you have already tweeted.

The company announced the feature this afternoon and the update is rolling out to users throughout the day. The announcement tweet says that the feature gives users the ability to "add a Tweet to one you already Tweeted, faster!"

To connect a tweet to the one you are currently composing, simply pull down on the screen to see your most recent tweet. If you'd like to choose a different tweet, you can search for them. Once you found the tweet you'd like to connect, just tap on it and it will be added to the thread.

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Twitter had previously allowed you to connect multiple tweets to each other while you were composing them, but this is the first time users have been able to connect a new tweet to one that has already been posted.

The feature is rolling out slowly, so keep an eye out for an update to the Twitter app over the next day or so.

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