Keep your Twitter timeline and DM's synced between devices with Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad

If you've been looking for a way to keep your Twitter timeline synced between your iPhone and iPad, you'll be happy to know that Tweetbot has been updated with the ability to do just that with the help of iCloud sync.

Before, many users were using the service called Tweet Marker that aided in keeping your Twitter timeline synced between different devices and clients. What it couldn't do, was sync the read status of direct messages. With iCloud sync, you can read a DM in Tweetbot for iPad, and when you switch to Tweetbot on your iPhone, that DM will already be marked as read there as well. You no longer have to "mark all as read" when switching devices!

In addition to your timeline and direct messages, iCloud sync in Tweetbot will also keep your mute filters synced across devices.

Some other improvements include thumbnail previews for YouTube and iTunes links and the ability to pinch to close an image on the iPad.

Now, if only there was Tweetbot for Mac...

$2.99 for iPhone - Download Now

$2.99 for iPad - Download Now

Leanna Lofte

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