iPad with TwitterSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Twitter has released an update for its iPad and iPhone app.
  • The update restores polls after they were broken in a previous update.
  • It also adds an option to disable the new trends and search column.

Twitter has released an updated version of its iPhone and iPad app, restoring polls to their former glory. A previous update prevented some users from seeing the polls entirely and that has now been fixed. More importantly for some, it also adds an option to remove a feature that has caused quite the stir recently.

Starting with the bug fix, Twitter confirmed that the poll issue should be resolved in this latest update via its Twitter Support account last night.

But there was no mention of a new feature that was first spotted by developer Steve Lederer. As Federico Viticci also shared, Twitter for iPad now has an option to completely disable the troublesome trends and search column. That's a column that was added a couple of months ago and has been the subject of much criticism ever since. And now it can be banished for good by flicking a simple toggle.

People appeared to dislike the column for several reasons, and not just because it wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing way of reading tweets. Some noted that it meant they were exposed to things they wouldn't normally want to see which is absolutely a valid concern. And now they don't have to.