Twitter's new Topics feature makes it easier to see tweets about things that matter to you

Twitter Topics
Twitter Topics (Image credit: Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Twitter has announced a brand new feature called Topics.
  • Topics lets you follow conversations about certain subjects with a single tap.
  • You'll get suggestions for Topics you can follow based on your searches and your timeline.

Twitter has announced a brand new feature called Topics, which will let users keep up to date with subjects they care about with a single tap.

As announced in a press release November 11, Topics is designed to help you find new and interesting conversations all in one place.

The release states:

Starting today, we're making it even easier to follow the best conversations on Twitter.In the coming months, you'll be able to follow conversations about a topic similar to how you'd follow an account with one single tap. Topic suggestions will appear in your timeline and in search based on what you tend to look for and already follow on Twitter.When you choose to follow a topic – whether it's your favorite band, sports team or celebrity – you'll see Tweets from a whole host of accounts that are experts, fans or just tend to talk about that thing a lot on Twitter.

The new feature should take away some of the legwork of following certain subjects on Twitter. Rather than manually and meticulously compiling your own list of accounts that you should follow, you'll be able to tap on a single Topic, and Twitter's algorithms will do the rest.

Twitter Topics

Twitter Topics (Image credit: Twitter)

Twitter says that the rollout of the feature has already started (as of November 11) and that over the coming months, users will begin to see initial suggestions on their timeline, based on who you follow and your likes and interests in the same way that Twitter currently suggests new accounts for you to follow. There will also be suggestions within search, based on the things you look for on Twitter.

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