Best Webcam Privacy Covers for MacBook iMore 2021

The slightest thought of a stranger having unauthorised access to your privacy via your webcam is spine-chilling. Webcam hacking is real, and anyone with a webcam is vulnerable to this vice. While peeping Toms are out and about looking for their next victim, stay safe and secure your privacy by simply placing a cover on your webcam. To get you started, here are our best webcam covers.

TechPrivacy 3 Pack Webcam Privacy Covers

Super slim: TechPrivacy 3 Pack Webcam Privacy Covers

Staff Pick

The TechPrivacy Covers are made from sturdy ABS plastic and enhanced with a 3m adhesive for durability. Optimised for heavy webcam users, the cover can withstand frequent opening and closing. The covers are thinner than a credit card, and you will be able to close your MacBook all the way down.

£6 at Amazon
KIWI design Webcam Cover, 6 Pack

Perfect reminder: KIWI design Webcam Cover, 6 Pack

It's incredible how such a tiny piece of equipment can give you unmatched peace of mind. The KIWI designed webcam cover has a unique and slim build, smooth edges and the stick is reinforced with double-sided tape. With an orange 'C' eye-catching reminder that your webcam is open, you will not forget to close it.

£6 at Amazon
imluckies Webcam Metal Camera Cover

Small but mighty: imluckies Webcam Metal Camera Cover

Stay lucky and safe from the peeping toms and webcam hackers with the imluckies Webcam Cover. Available in a 5-pack, 3-pack, or 2-pack option, this little metal cover measuring o.6mm thick will not interfere with camera operation or prevent your Mac from closing down properly.

£3 at Amazon
COOLOO Webcam Cover

Value pack: COOLOO Webcam Cover

The COOLOO webcam cover comes in a pack of six, sufficient to cover your Mac real estate in an average household or office. They have a durable and robust nano gel adhesive that offers a reliable and lasting bond. This self-adhesive cover can be easily applied and removed without leaving any residue.

£6 at Amazon
Privise Webcam Cover

European perfection: Privise Webcam Cover

Made in Germany with European perfection, the Privise Webcam Covers meet quality manufacturing standards. The webcam cover is made from UV-resistant durable plastic and enhanced with 3M self-adhesive glue, which makes it strong enough to remain intact for a prolonged period.

£11 at Amazon
E-Fennec 3 Webcam Cover Slide

Sleek simplicty: E-Fennec 3 Webcam Cover Slide

The E-fennec webcam cover has an incredibly thin design, and it's made from non-abrasive plastic. As such, there is no risk of scratching your Mac or Camera. Heavy webcam users can rest easy since the sliding mechanism is built to withstand frequent opening and closing without breaking.

£3 at Amazon

Privacy is key

It's amazing how such a small piece of equipment will grant you the much-needed peace of mind. The best webcam covers will keep you safe from malicious hackers while giving you access to your webcam whenever you need it.

All covers on the list are awesome, but the TechPrivacy 3 Pack Webcam Privacy Covers stands out with durable yet sleek plastic construction. The cover is enhanced with a 3m self-adhesive for a reliable bond longterm. Privise Webcam Cover is a super-efficient anti-hack webcam cover. The ultra-thin design enables it to fit right without preventing your MacBook from closing. The cover is made in Germany with high-quality and durable plastic; it will not damage your MacBook or scratch your camera lens.

At times you could forget to close your camera. Worry not because the KIWI design Webcam Cover got you. With an orange 'C' eye-catching reminder that your webcam is open, you will not forget to close it.

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